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10 Brunch Art Recipes

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Brunch is one of the most fun meals to plan, so add a little pizzazz and make it really fabulous!

Go ahead, play with your food when you try these clever recipes that will turn your next brunch into a masterpiece of art!


1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Rainbow fruit on a plate

This fun, vibrant breakfast by Meet the Dubiens is incredibly easy but super impressive. Simply arrange cut-up fruit into a rainbow, add a sunshiny egg and cloud bread or toast, and voila!  A gorgeous rainbow breakfast!


2. Friendly Dog Salad

Friendly Dog Salad recipe

Doggone it! Check out this cute dog fruit salad that even the kids can make!


3. Mini Corn on the Cob Bites

Mini Corn on the Cob Treats

How adorbs are these teeny tiny corn on the cobs made from Kix!


4. Fruity Kitty and Peanut Butter Monkey

Fruit Kitty breakfast recipe

Peanut Butter Monkey kids recipe

Take a cue from Sycamore Stirrings and make these kid friendly meals. Peanut butter and bread are transformed into a cute monkey, while yogurt and fruit slices are purrrrfect for a quick kitty dish!


5. Panda Bread

Panda Bread recipe

You could eat plain ol’ boring toast for breakfast…or you could eat PANDA TOAST! Uh, is there even a question?


6. Rainbow Fruity Cheerios Bars

Rainbow Fruity Cheerios Bars recipe

Get yourself a rainbow in a box. Some assembly required. (But if you can make regular marshmallow treat bars, you can make this!)


7. Bunny Pancakes

Bunny Pancakes recipe

Hop to it! A couple of pancakes and mini marshmallows and you can make these bunny pancakes by Sweet and Lovely Crafts.


8. Easy alphabet Pancakes

Alphabet Pancakes recipe

Pancake batter in a squeeze bottle or simply drizzled with a spoon spells out F-U-N!


9.  Apple Butterflies

Apple Butterflies recipe

Crisp, sweet apple butterflies make the perfect nutritious snack.


10.  Piggy Rolls

Piggy Rolls recipe

These little piggies are made from a roll of refrigerated bread dough. So easy, cute, and tasty, your kids will cry, “wee, wee, wee” all the way home!
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