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10 Hot Cocktails for the Holidays

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‘Tis the season for hot cocktails! As the holidays approach and a chill creeps into the air, a heated cocktail is a great way to stay cozy.

From classics like a hot toddy to a few more innovative offerings, check out this primer on drinks that you can curl up with by the fire.

1. Classic Hot Toddy

Hot toddy

If you want to start with the basics, a hot toddy it is. A simple mix of brandy, water, honey and citrus, the drink can be used to help feel better during a mild case of the sniffles. Think of it as cold medicine, adult style.

2. Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rum

You can be even more indulgent with another old-time concoction that actually mixes some butter in with that spiced rum. There are other crave worthy seasonal flavors at work in this recipe, including apple and nutmeg. After one sip you’ll want to add rum to all our drinks (note: bad idea).

3. Bumbo Cocktail

Bumbo Cocktail

This beverage is another toddy-esque classic that can be served hot. Here, two ounces of rum are mixed with one ounce of water, a spoonful of sugar and some sprinkles of nutmeg before it’s heated over the stove– see how simple? If you’re feeling extra festive, throw in a few dashes of cinnamon for good measure.

4. Mulled Red Wine Sanria


Spiced red wine poured fresh from a pot on the stove is a tradition in a lot of households. The classic beverage is easy to mix and the wine base insures you can have a glass or two without getting tipsy (you don’t want to be fuzzy when opening Santa’s gifts).

5. Bishop

Mulled wine

A variation of mulled wine is the Bishop, which substitutes Ruby Port for your favorite red wine. You can make it using the steps in the recipe above, but keep in mind the alcohol content will be higher so you probably should drink a little more slowly, especially around mistletoe.

6. Hot Cider

Spiced Cider

You can amp up a traditional spiced apple cider like this with some rum. Choose a dark, spiced brand like Sailor Jerry’s or Goslings, the bold flavors will go really well with those apples and cloves.

7. Mexican Coffee

Mug of coffee

Though pounding a few of these back on Christmas morning probably isn’t the best idea, a Mexican coffee makes for a great after-dinner drink. Add an ounce of whiskey or Irish cream to your coffee and voila – a Mexican Irish Coffee cocktail is born. Since it is the season of indulgence, don’t hesitate to break out that whipped cream.

8. Boozy Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate

Or, if you don’t want to get all caffeinated, add a dollop of Kahlua to your hot chocolate. The spirits brand makes seasonal labels like gingerbread that are inexpensive (less than $20 a bottle) and full of festive flavors.

9. Spiced Cranberry Tea

Cranberry Spiced Tea

You can also make your glass of tea into something special. Of course a little Baileys in your Earl Grey will hit the spot, but you can get a little more creative with this cranberry spice tea recipe. Just keep it simple – add an ounce to an ounce and a half of vodka to make this a real after-dinner treat.

10. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Overshadowed by traditional (aka cold) eggnog, this cocktail is everyone’s favorite holiday drink heated up. Made with eggs, brandy and rum, the drink is heavy. Make enough for everyone to have one and then move on to something else (like presents?).



nybarfly knows his drinks and also where to get the best sauce in Manhattan. Check out his blog site, NYBarfly and his Tablespoon profile – be sure to continue to check Rock UR Party for more tips and suggestions for discovering new bevvies.


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