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10 Iced Teas to Keep You Chill

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Slip on those flip flops, inflate the kiddie pool, and fire up the grill!

It’s time to get ready for summer fun! But what summer afternoon is complete without a cold beverage? How about a tall, refreshing glass of iced tea to quench that thirst? June 10th just happens to be National Iced Tea day so here are some of our favorite iced tea recipes to help beat the heat!

1. Bubbly Mint Lime Iced Tea

Mint Lime Tea

Savor the cooling mint and tangy lime in this refreshing iced tea that gets an extra fizzy lift from sparkling water!

2. Very Berry Iced Tea

Very Berry Iced Tea

Fresh berries and kiwi add natural sweetness to this recipe. Plus you can eat the garnish!

3. Chai Iced Tea

Chai Iced Tea

Creamy and sweet with the exotic spice blend of chai tea, this iced beverage is the perfect complement to steamy afternoons.

4. Ginger Tea Coolers

Ginger Iced Tea Cooler

Green tea is chockfull of antioxidants. Add the kick of fresh ginger and you’ve got a drink that not only tastes great but is good for you!

5. Apple Green Tea Cocktail

Apple Green Iced Tea

Just because it’s iced tea doesn’t mean it can’t have a little something extra (wink, wink).

6. Cranberry Raspberry Tea

Cranberry Raspberry Iced Tea

Need a quick beverage to serve guests at your next BBQ? Try this super simple and crazy delicious, cranberry-raspberry tea!

7. Peach Chai Spice Tea Pops

Peach Chai Pops

There’s no law that says you have to drink iced tea, amiright? The next time you need a pick me up, grab a chai spice tea pop with bursts of fresh peach flavor from the freezer.

8. Best Minted Iced Tea

Minty Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer is the classic summer beverage, but add some fresh mint for a special twist. Enjoy it after a round of golf, or just relaxing on the back porch!

9. Tropical Tea

Tropical Iced Tea

Can’t escape to that private island paradise? Then bring the island to you with this sweet tropical flavored tea.

10. Frosty Raspberry Iced Tea

Raspberry Iced Tea

Keep cool during those sweltering hot days by sipping on these frosty drinks!

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