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12 Ways to Serve Hot Dogs Without a Bun

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Think outside the bun and eat your hot dogs in these creatively delicious dishes.

Let us pause a moment to dwell on that singular and sometimes overlooked sausage: the hot dog. Good old-fashioned wieners are affordable, usually on hand, and have that comforting loved-it-since-I-was-a-kid flavor. Plus, July 23 is National Hot Dog Day; so celebrating our friend the frankfurter is even more appropriate. Let’s do this: it’s time to teach the good old dog some new kitchen tricks.


1. Cheesy Hot Dog Chowder

Hot Dogs Chowder

It’s a simple, quick new favorite. All the elements of delicious chowder are here, with the corn and the potatoes and the cheesy/creamy what-have-you, and then just a little zest from hot dogs. Hot dog!


2. Hot Dog and Potato Dinner

Hot Dogs Potato

A one-pan casserole that’s a throw-together feast. Au gratin potatoes deliver the creamy sauce that brings together peas and hot dogs in holy mmmmm-trimony.


3. Hot Dog Casserole

Hot Dogs Casserole

Layered so that the creamy mashed base of the casserole stays rich and luscious, and so that the hot dog slices on top get that crispy/savory edge. Yeah, pretty much the best two tastes on earth in each bite.


4. Impossibly Easy Hot Dog and Cheese Pie

Hot Dogs Pie

Kind of an upside-down quiche, kind of the Best Pie Ever. Hot dog chunks are mixed with onions for a savory base, with flaky Bisquick™ crust and cheese ending it on a melty-flaky high note.


5. Grilled Hot Dog Pizza

Hot Dogs Pizza

Got a picky eater? Or anyone with an appetite for NEED FOOD NOW? This super-fast homemade pizza combines two favorite foods—dogs and pizza—in one brilliant, grilled, fun-and-done-in-minutes meal.


6. Chicago Style Stand 'N Stuff™ Hot Dog Tacos

Hot Dogs Chicago

What we love about Chicago-style hot dogs: all the fixin’s (for true authenticity, hold the ketchup.) What we don’t love about Chicago-style hot dogs: keeping it all together while we eat ’em. Presto: Stand ’n Stuff™ taco shells to the rescue!


7. Chili Dog Tacos

Hot Dogs Tacos

This is seriously the best meal mash-up we’ve seen in a month of Taco Tuesdays: hot dogs con chili carne. That's one caliente idea!


8. Corn Dog Casserole

Hot Dogs Corn

We love layered one-pan casserole bakes because they’re easy—and are probably the best leftovers on earth. Sad news: there’s won't be much left of this delicious corn-dog recipe, but there’s always the option of making a second batch just for tomorrow.


9. Mini Corn Dog Muffins with Sriracha Sauce

Hot Dogs Muffin

Perfect for a lunchbox, a party, or just any time you need to spice up any given day. It starts with green chiles and a hot dog hidden inside corn muffins; sriracha sauce amps up the heat as much as you like.


10. Noodle Weenies

Hot Dogs Noodle

It’s always a showstopper! Poke uncooked spaghetti noodles through raw hot dogs, then boil them together to create these “How did you do it?” wonders. 100% guaranteed to get you huge props from the littlest ones at the table or just the kids at heart.


11. Chili Cheese Dog Bubble-Up Bake

Hot Dogs Chili

Chili. Cheese. Dog. If these are three of your favorite words in the English language, you need to get on this pronto: a one-pan, luscious bake that puts it all together for you.


12. Frank and Bean Biscuit Casserole

Hot Dogs Frank

No shortage of tender goodness here: classic hot dog-and-beans mixed together into luscious heavenly bliss, with a miraculous mix of corn chips and cheese (did someone say “Nachos”?) sprinkled on top. Open wide!

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