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15 Halloween Cocktails that Will Raise the Dead

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It’s time for all the bad boils and good ghouls to celebrate—yes, it’s Halloween!

I heard you wanted to host a hauntingly good time. But what’s a witch or warlock to do? Where does one even start? I know you’re super busy preparing the best costume ever and there’s really no time to waste.

Because I’m pretty awesome, I’ve prepared a list of luscious libations that will ensure your party is poppin’ off right. Why not try out one or more of these spooktacular recipes?


1. Chocolate Pumpkin Mudslide

halloween cocktails mudslide

Vodka, Irish cream and coffee-flavored liquor—oh my! Pumpkin pie spice makes this naughty drink nice, and you only need 10 minutes to make it.


2. Pomegranate-Apple Brandy Cocktails

halloween cocktails pomegranate

Sweet pomegranate, decadent brandy and a splish-splash of grenadine make for a tasty cocktail with plenty of eye-appeal.


3. Bubbling and Bloody Witch’s Brew

halloween cocktails witch brew

Yum, yum, filled with bubbling rum! A chunk of food-grade dry ice makes this spooky beverage spectacular. (Remind guests that dry ice is for creepiness only and not for eating!)


4. Black Heart Cocktail

halloween cocktails black heart

This recipe calls for Crème Yvette™, vermouth, champagne, sweet muddled blackberries and a fig for garnish. Even the darkest heart will swell at the flavor.


5. Black Cat Beer

halloween cocktails black cat

I hope you’re making a batch of this right meow! It’s the purrfect beverage for a spooky night in.


6. Halloween Margaritas

halloween cocktails margarita

Green as a goblin and filled with tequila, this margarita features delicious citrusy flavor.


7. Vampire Victim

halloween cocktails vampire

If you imbibe this cocktail, the only bite you’ll have to worry about is from the tequila! Just add raspberry-flavored liqueur, grenadine and lime for a sweet and tangy beverage.


8. Petrified Party Punch

halloween cocktails punch

Spooks never had it so sweet! This recipe will yield plenty of punch that will get all the skeleton bones shake, rattlin’ and rollin!


9. Black Widow Martini

halloween cocktails black widow

Black as my heart and served just as cold. No prenup necessary to enjoy this tasty treat.


10. Devil’s Dose Halloween Cocktail

halloween cocktails devil dose

Some say you gotta give the devil his due, and if the payoff is a tasty cocktail like this, it might just be worth making a deal.


11. Bloody Pomegranate Cosmos

halloween cocktails bloody

Vodka, orange-flavored liqueur, lime and pomegranate juice are what’s required to make this palate-pleasing cocktail.


12. Halloween Candy Corn Cocktail

halloween cocktails candy corn

Candy corn is arguably one of the best flavors of Halloween; anyone who says otherwise is selling something. Now you can enjoy it in a cocktail!


13. Spiked-Toasted Marshmallow Halloween Root Beer

halloween cocktails root beer

Literally all you need is root beer, rum, marshmallows and fire! Toast those marshmallows up to enhance the Halloween flavor.


14. Pumpkin Pie Moonshine

halloween cocktails moonshine

Pumpkin pie puree, vodka and all the delicious spices make for some out-of-this-world moonshine! Super easy to make and even easier to enjoy!


15. Corpse Reviver #2

halloween cocktails reviver

This crafty cocktail will revive any soul into a party mood.

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