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15 Mini Snacks That Will Fill Your Fall Hangries

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Mini meals to satisfy Fall snack cravings.

Sometimes when you’re feeling a bit peckish all you want is something tasty to snack on. These mini meals are exactly what you need—just the right size of bites to fill you up without feeling stuffed.


1. Mac and Cheese Cups

mini snacks mac and cheese

Single serve mac and cheese in their own edible cups.


2. Cheesy Chicken and Bacon Rollups

mini snacks roll up

Cheese, chicken and bacon rolled up into the perfect snack.


3. Bacon-Avocado-Lettuce-Tomato Snack Sandwich

mini snacks bacon avocado

Add an “A” to your B.L.T. for the ultimate sandwich.


4. Southwestern Chili with Avocado Crema

mini snacks southwestern

A cup of warm chili is just the hearty snack to fill you up.


5. Mini Shepherds Pot Pies

mini snacks shepherds pie

Bite sized shepherds pies are not only cute, but delicious!


6. Chicken Bacon Bundles

mini snacks bundles

These chicken and bacon bundles are little packages of yum!


7. Chicken Alfredo Pizza Pinwheels

mini snacks pinwheels

Whip up these easy, creamy pizza pinwheels.


8. Nacho Cheese Pinwheels

mini snacks nacho cheese

Take these nacho cheese pinwheels for a spin!


9. Easy Stuffed Avocado Salad

mini snacks avocado

Avocados are a healthy snack made even better by stuffing them with a fresh salad.


10. Spicy Cajun Shrimp Quesadillas

mini snacks quesadillas

Add some zazz to your next quesadilla with a little Cajun kick!


11. Cheesy Portabella Sliders

mini snacks sliders

You won’t miss the meat in these hearty, cheesy portabella sliders.


12. Mini Bacon Chicken Pot Pies

mini snacks pot pies

All the flavors of the classic chicken pot pie with the added bonus of bacon.


13. Southwest Mini Crescent Burritos

mini snacks burritos

Mini burritos are the right size for a satisfying snack or lighter meal.


14. Vegetable Chili Mini Boats

mini snacks boats

These mini boats are a fun way to serve up veggie chili.


15. Beef and Guinness Pot Pie

mini snacks guinness

A bit of Britain baked into a pie!

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