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15 Ways to Drink Halloween

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Halloween is the spookiest time of the year – and it deserves drinks to match! 


And y’all know there ain’t no party like a Halloween party cuz a Halloween party’s all dressed up. Whether you’re hosting or attending a monster bash, you’re going to want some tasty adult beverages to impress all your favorite ghouls and boils and, of course, to imbibe yourself!

But between picking out the costume that’s finally going to win you Best Dressed and doling out sweets to all the little demons who coming knocking on your door, who’s got time to plan out potables?

It’s me! I do!  And I did it for you. Just you – because you’re the best. Check out this list of fantastical adult beverages that are gonna make your All Hallows’ Eve all kindsa awesome!


1. Eyeball Martini

Eyeball Martini

I’ll have a martini, ogre eyes – shaken not stirred. It’s like you’re zombie James Bond!


2. Harry Potter’s Butterbeer

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer

Salty, butterscotchy and boozy; you may not be a wizard but you can certainly drink like one.


3. Monster Mash Margaritas

Monster Mash Margaritas

This drink is made with tequila, but it ain’t tryin’ to kill ya. See what I did there? Clever wordplay – you’re welcome. Have a few of these tasty beverages, come back and I guarantee I’ll be one of the funniest people you’ve ever read.


4. Piña “Ghoul”adas

Piña “Ghoul”adas

These drinks might just replace diamonds as a ghoul’s best friend on account of their terrifying tastiness. Light rum increases all the fun!


5. Candy Corn Smoothies

Candy Corn Smoothies

So sweetly in the spirit of the season, one can totes overlook the fact that it’s actually lacking spirits (of the imbibing sort – this drink could very well be haunted!).


6. Black Gumball Cocktail

Black Gumball Cocktail

A taste so bewitching it’ll have you craving its complex flavors until Halloween comes around next year!


7. Black Cat Beer

Black Cat Beer

Meow! Cinnamon, sugar, cloves and nutmeg combine purrfectly with a stout or dark beer of your choice.


8. Spiked and Toasted Root Beer

Spiked and Toasted Root Beer

Root beer and rum aren’t even the best part about this amazeballs drink. The best part is the TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS.


9. Pear Infused Poison

Pear Infused Poison

Such sweet fruit hides such evil intent! Totally kidding. That boozy pear just wants you to have a good time.


10. Pomegranate-Apple Brandy Cocktails

Pomegranate-Apple Brandy Cocktails

Look at these things! They are seriously spooky business. I feel like you MUST have one of these in hand while hatching the most nefarious of Halloween plans.


11. Vampire-Inspired Cocktail

Vampire-Inspired Cocktail

Whether you like your vampires bald and creepy or sparkly and creepy, this passionate potable really captures the spirit of everyone’s favorite people-nommers.


12. Monster Mash Cocktails

Monster Mash Cocktails

Such an intriguing color, such a splendid flavor! No, it’s not witchcraft, it just tastes that way.


13. Ghostini


It’s not your imagination! These martinis really are super-delicious. But that still doesn’t explain why your door closed by itself.


14. Blood-Red Sangria Cocktail

Blood-Red Sangria Cocktail

A name that means “bleeding” in Spanish, an “impaled” cherry – what more do you need for a Halloween drink?


15. Bubbling And Bloody Witch’s Brew

Bubbling And Bloody Witch’s Brew

The visual effect of this drink is cool enough – but as a bonus it’s quite tasty too!

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