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17 Things to Eat When You're Turkeyed Out

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Give your tongue a turkey break and tempt it with these tasty tidbits!

The big turkey day has come and gone, and while we love us a nice pile of cold meat on a bun, a break from the leftovers makes it a little easier to take that extra serving of turkey noodle soup in good cheer the next day. So we pulled together a quick-fix, super-satisfying, opposite-of-the-meal-spectrum recipe list, designed to give your turkey taste buds the night off.


1. Bold Sriracha Beef Burritos

turkeyed out burritos

That lovely, slightly sweet heat of sriracha sauce gives these burritos a slightly Asian tang. Plus, we love that they go from craving to plate in just half an hour.


2. Spicy Cajun Shrimp Quesadillas

turkeyed out quesadillas

The crispy crust of a quesadilla is irresistible, especially when a little cheese sneaks out to add crunchy savoriness. Spicy shrimp and Andouille sausage too? It serves four, but no judging if you eat the whole thing.


3. Slow-Cooker Bacon-Ranch Chicken Melts

turkeyed out melts

Four hours in the slow cooker. Mere minutes of prep. Barely a few seconds before you have a new favorite meal.


4. Vietnamese Steaks

turkeyed out steak

What whut? An amazing mix of Asian flavors marinade into an affordable flank steak; grill it up and serve with the leftover sauce for sopping and celebrating your wise dinner decision.


5. Easy Thai Peanut Chicken Bites

turkeyed out bites

Plain old chicken nuggets just don’t measure up like they used to—at least, not as long as there are delicious alternatives like these. Best part: the fancy-schmancy sauce and crispy coating come pre-made, so all you do is mix, bake, dunk and munch.


6. Paleo Chicken Taco Burger

turkeyed out paleo

Cave man like chicken. Cave man like taco. Cave man like burger. Cave man surprised: chicken with taco with burger? Cave man like!


7. Hot Chicken Bites

turkeyed out hot chicken

Hot chicken a la Nashville puts the hurt on—and it burns so good. Make these bites as spicy as ya like it, down to customizing your own chili oil for perfect heat.


8. Harissa Beef Skewers with Tahini Peanut Sauce

turkeyed out harissa

The hot chili flavor of harissa gets a cooling, savory counterpart in tahini mixed with peanut butter. Exotic, amazing, and crazy fast (good news for short-attention-span-hungries).


9. Spicy Cheese-Stuffed Pork Chops with Rice

turkeyed out pork chops

Here’s stuffing of a different sort: super decadent and amazingly packed with so many flavors from cheesy ooziness to satisfying spinach. Plus-plus: an easy brine that takes pork tenderness to a new place.


10. Buffalo Chicken Salad Puffs

turkeyed out puffs

Chicken salad gets spiced up with hot sauce, spooned into puffy bites, and popped in your mouth.


11. Parmesan-Crusted Pork Chops

turkeyed out crusted

Adding a little cheese to breading creates amazing mouth feel—the crusty crunch of fried cheese is just about the best thing on earth. Think we're exaggerating? Try this recipe and you’ll never doubt us again!


12. Sriracha Meatball Mini Boats

turkeyed out boats

After a huge Thanksgiving meal, it’s nice to sit down to a meal that feels like you’re taking a daintier, lighter time-out on the eating thing. ’Course, when that meal’s all about meaty, addictive sriracha balls, you’ll still push away from the table feeling darn satisfied.


13. Creamy Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortillas

turkeyed out tortillas

This meal is all about balance; tender chicken and nutrient-packed beans, creamy cheese and bold spice. Not to mention your schedule gets balanced out with a little fun time while the meal makes itself in your slow-cooker.


14. Pork Chop Skillet Dinner

turkeyed out skillet

Do it old school—get the cast iron out, throw everything in the pan, and enjoy a hearty skillet full of just-like-gramma-used-to-make.


15. Creamy Pulled Pork Pasta with Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms and Arugula

turkeyed out creamy

Totally restaurant-grade, absolutely fantastic for showing off a little. The mushrooms and arugula are what transport this to the next level, with spicy greens and tender mushrooms making every bite an out-of-body experience. Glory halleluiah, it's dinnertime!


16. 5-Ingredient Spicy Pulled Pork

turkeyed out five ingredient

This is how you do: 5 ingredients, one slow-cooker, and a few hours of watching football, wandering around town, or getting some quality internet time in. At the end, an amazing meat sandwich and plenty for seconds.


17. Lasagna Pasta Pies

turkeyed out lasagna

Lasagna as finger food — it probably paints a pretty messy picture in your mind. But these all-in-one lasagna-in-a-cup uses muffin tins to bake a deliciously cute little serving of pasta-n-fixin’s. Hands-down our favoritest mini lasagna, ever.

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