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ReHeat - Taste For Adventure

Our Taste for Adventure bloggers keep churning out the goods. If you haven’t checked in lately, read on as we “re-heat” the fave posts from the past week (or thereabouts):

1. Triple Rainbow Pushup Cakes by Gourmet Mom on the Go

Stack up the fun with these reinvented pushups! In the comments a few people suggested adding softened ice cream as a layer, which we think is a great idea. Place it at or near the top though - or you could have a sticky, runny mess on your hand(s).

Triple Pushup Rainbow Cakes

Check out the:  Article - Recipe

2. Grilled Jalapeno Poppers by Macheesmo

The other night I had exactly the kind of jalapeno popper Nick talks about in his post - deep fried and filled with sub-stellar cheese. Meh. It's a good thing he reinvented them with cream cheese/chili powder/honey filling and a bacon wrapper. Get these up in your grill!

Grilled Jalapeno Poppers

Check out the:  Article - Recipe

3. Beer Tiramisu by Girl Versus Dough

Whoa! Strong opinions on this one at Facebook. Love it or hate it, you have to admit it's brave! Fave comment of the week was from Catherine Bozigian: "Cream cheese AND beer? Do you want to be my boyfriend, Tablespoon?"

Beer Tiramisu

Check out the:  Article - Recipe

Taste for Adventure bloggers are always on the hunt for out of the ordinary edibles. Stay tuned!

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