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7 Swank DIY Holiday Gifts

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When was the last time you got a handmade gift?

They’re different in a good way, like getting a handwritten note instead of an email/text/tweet. Right? #Right.

Handwritten says you care enough to make an above-and-beyond effort. At least $0.45 worth of effort, and even more if the envelope is square (how do they get away with that, anyway?).

Handmade gifts are the same way. They're more personal, and I think they're more fun to give as well. It's pretty great to see a gift you made yourself being enjoyed.

Now, connect that personal touch to the realms of hunger and thirst, and you’re golden! The quickest way to someone’s heart is directly through the taste buds, after all.

So this year, Do. It. Yourself. Make a gift they'll love getting!

7 Ways to Give Goodness

DIY Peppermint Patty Candy

1) DIY Peppermint Patty Candy by Hanielas

Ever experience your gift being shoved in other people’s faces? It's rewarding. “See? It’s striped on the inside! Wow, (you)’re so talented/creative/amazing!” Yeah, you know.


DIY Rainbow Candy

2) DIY Rainbow Candy by GirlWhoAteEverything

“Oh, how nice. Mints…” Then they take a chomp and WHOA! It’s “what does it mean?!” all over again.


DIY Bitters

3) DIY Bitters by Nybarfly

Have a cocktail enthusiast on your list? Make your mixologist merry with this recipe for aromatic bitters. It’s in some of the best drinks (IMHO), and they’ll appreciate having a super secret sauce in their corner.


DIY Ice Cream Kit

4) DIY Ice Cream Kit by Family Bites

Adorable, no? Especially for those of us who eat ice cream in the winter. What? It’s not weird. Just make sure this present stays at the top of the pile, unless you want cone crumbles as an additional topping. Mmm. That actually sounds pretty good...


DIY Cocoa Snowman in a Jar

5) DIY Cocoa Snowman in a Jar by The Decorated Cookie

Maybe you’ve gotten homemade cocoa before; for many kids it’s the first gift they make. Up the ante with an entire snowman!


DIY Irish Creme Liquor

6) DIY Irish Creme Liquor by TbspAna

There are many ways to get through winter, making hot boozy drinks is one. Many have Irish creme liquor as a central ingredient. Add a fireplace and before you know it, it’s spring and the birds are tweeting…wait, wake up! You dozed off. And your socks are smoking.


DIY Beer Popcorn

7) DIY Beer Caramel Corn by Red Hot Holiday Trends / Betty Crocker

Beer. Caramel corn. They’re better together, especially when they’re this close. This is basically the Batman and Robin of snacks. Perfect for movie night. Or…any night.


There you have ‘em; 7 ideas for giving away goodness.

Go forth and DIY!

Nate asks everyone to note the absence of fruitcake. That’s one comeback that should stay back, in his dentist’s opinion.
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