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All Fantasy, No Football: Week 3

Alright, alright. Nobody likes a party pooper. If you're a sullen so-and-so, nobody will want to sit by you!

These sneaky tips will make you look like your participating when you’re just trying to fill the time. High five!

1) Sneak booze into your tailgating spread.

spiked rainbow salad

Sure. This ribbon salad might look like a hand-me-down from Aunt Carolyn, but, in the words of Britney Spears, it's not that innocent. Tablespoon's ribbon salad is spiked...eat up! If you want to go undetected as a football naysayer, you could choose to make it in team colors. I'm on Team Tablespoon...so...rainbow for me!

2) Busy yourself with really involved Christmas cookies.

all fantasy no football roly poly santa cookies

It's that time of year where cookie exchanges and holiday parties are filling up schedules. These Roly Poly Santa Cookies are mega impressive, but can take a little extra time and attention. Guess what you've got this weekend? Two hours...seventeen hours...however long a football game lasts! Plus, no one is going to hate on the person making mind blowing cookies. Switch the red for a team color and REALLY knock their socks off.

3) Get points for painting your nails.

Nails done, hair done, everything did. That's right. Because, you're fancy, huh!

4) Use your smart phone to pass the time.

all fantasy no football using your smart phone

You've eaten half a ribbon salad. You've baked cookies that involved assembly and decoration. You painted your nails, your dog's nails and your neighbor's nails to look like footballs. Aaaaaaand it's barely halftime. Now what? Shoot, they don't call them smart phones for nothing! Surf yourself away from this game and laugh your pretty little face off reading through some of these awkward texts from parents. Then, you know what, text your mom. She'd love to hear from you.



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