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All Fantasy, No Football: Week 6

With New Year's Eve around the corner, I have two things: a lot of champagne and 2013 resolution. Football can help with both of these.

1) Get body inspired.

These athletes have amazing bodies! Sure, I don't want arms the size of a building's support beam, but I would like to carry my groceries in the house without stopping nine times. And can I just get a "Hey boys!!!!!" on this. They should show more shirtless football games...in my opinion.

2) Use the rest of that champagne.

You just worked up a sweat! Rehydrate with coconut water...and champagne, of course! You know you've got a few bottles left over from New Years.

3) Build a champagne tower.

Oooo, the ultimate height of fanciness! I've always wondered how they do this. Can I live here?

4) Eat protein like a real player.

Football players eat for ultimate performance. This means extra helpings of protein to keep their muscles strong. As it turns out, quinoa is one of the best sources of protein and eggs are filled with it too! These just so happen to be adorable little nibbles brimming with protein goodness.

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