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All Fantasy, No Football: Week 8

Beer me that remote!

As promised last week, I made an effort to "enjoy" the games. You know what? I totally did! The Seattle vs. Washington game was a killer! Whoever that player was on the Redskins that was trying to get into a fight with someone on the Seahawks, I would like to give him my number. Holla atta lady!

One thing that has become obvious is that beer and football are soul mates. They are the type of couple that eat dinner at a restaurant on the same side of the table, making everybody else uncomfortable, until you finally just have to join in on their public love fest. Which I am prepared to do.

1) Whip up a meal that combines all the best things in the world: a grill, a can of beer and sriracha.

Think about it. Is there anything that sounds more delicious than Sriracha Beer Can Chicken? I think not.

2) +1 all your friends and brew your OWN beer.

If it's a heavy beer, name it after a linebacker. See! You're really coming along! You know what that means now!

3) Bone up on your beer facts.

Beer has played a crucial role in the survival of civilization. Yeah. The more you know, right?

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