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All Fantasy, No Football: Week 9

Two things: Football season is coming quickly to a close and Valentine's Day is around the corner.

You have been putting in work watching these games...there better be one heck of a victory dance at the end of this. Let's get down to business, throw on some slow jams and prep the scene for some romance.

1) Chocolate is always a good place to start.

football brownies

Sneakily disguised as footballs, these brownies give that rich, indulgent treat that make our hearts drum. J'adore!

2) Add a little bourbon and bacon to the mix.

bourbon bacon brownies

If there was a perfume made from bourbon and bacon, it would come with the reputation of Sex Panther. Undeniable. Wear at your own risk. You can still make the same entrance into a room...with these clever brownies.

3) Drink a martini and drink it well.

chocolate indulgence martini

James Bond drinks martinis. Carrie Bradshaw drinks martinis. Martinis are in a difficult glass, because only the coolest people can handle them. Sip, away, you foxy thang.

4) When all else fails, make them laugh their pants off.

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