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Bites and Pieces - Rock UR Party

tbspAngela By

Hooray for Father's Day! For all the times that special man was there for laughs and tears, good times and bad, what better way to say "thanks dad" than with a big, juicy burger? Since "one-burger-does-not-fit-all," here are three great burger recipes we found on the web that cater to any kind of meat preference.

1. Western Burgers from Blog Chef

For the "hard-core" meat eater: this burger will not leave you asking "where's the beef?" It has all the fixin's that make it worth eating; bacon, cheese, bbq sauce and...onion rings! Serve it up with an ice cold beer and you've just given dad a meal he'll savor for days. Trust me, he'll appreciate this so much more than that cat tie you've had your eye on.

2. Perfectly Great Turkey Burgers from Culinate

For the "watchin' my waist" meat eater: just because dad may be counting calories doesn't mean that he can't enjoy a savory burger. This recipe shows you how to not only avoid makingĀ  a dry, hockey puck of a turkey burger, but adds some flare with hints of apple that dad just might love.

3. Burger Macarons from Alpineberry

For the "non-meat" eater: if you're dad is more of a veggie guy, fear not! We've got you covered. Put a new spin on dessert with these sweet burger macarons. 100% meat-free and delicious!

Be sure to check back next week to see what new finds we were able to score!

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