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Cheesy Canapés with Roasted Tomatoes and Anchovies

Bev Cooks By

Appetizer. Of. A. Lifetime.

Have you ever heard of canapés? You say it like this: can-eh-pay. Like Chesapeake Bay. But not really. It comes from the French word "couch" because it's little bread squares with garnishes on top. Little appies! They're CUTE, people.

So get ready for this. I made some the other day whilst alone and slightly vulnerable due to things I shan't go into...

Best. And. Worst. Idea. Ever.

Um, listen. Crispy bread squares with FRESH mozzarella circles, friggin' anchovies (you know my addiction to salt), thinly sliced roma tomatoes, all roasted up so beautifully and melty it was like 16,000 angels flying around me with their little angelic fingers shooting sparkly feather bombs at me until I passed out, died and went to the afterlife land of flavor-topia.


Grab some whole wheat bread, 2 tomatoes, some fresh mozzarella (I bought mine pre-sliced, whuuuut), some anchovies (don't be skeered) and some parsley.

Ingredients for Cheesy Canapés with Roasted Tomatoes and Anchovies

Now, you'll revert back to childhood for a sec and cut off the corners. Then quarter them.

Bread squares

Slicey slice go the tomatoes.

Sliced tomatoes

NOW, what you'll do is slide the bread into the hot oven for about 5 minutes. This will start the crisping. Then you'll just layer. Mozzarella, half an anchovy (and while I have you, I know it looks like entire fillets here, and you're right. But next time I make them, I'd go with half a fillet. Yes, baby.), and the tomato slices!

Slide back into the oven for abouuuuut 12ish minutes.

Back in the oven

Are you dying yet? Just wait.

Out of the oven

Not even kidding.

Cheesy Canapés with Roasted Tomatoes and Anchovies, ready to eat

I ate 6 of them in 12 seconds flat. Best 12 seconds of my life.

Front photo of Cheesy Canapés with Roasted Tomatoes and Anchovies

I mean, seriously. That melted crispy cheese? GET OUT.

Closeup of Cheesy Canapés with Roasted Tomatoes and Anchovies

Make sure these canapés appear in your mouth, like right now.

Bev giggled hard over the whole Chesapeake Bay thing. Did you? Oh. For more musings visit her blog Bev Cooks and her Tablespoon profile.

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