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Choose Your Own Football App Adventure - An Interactive Post

Accidentally Sexy By

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This is it. Homestretch. The BIG game.

If you're going to a Super Bowl party this weekend, you're going to need to be prepared with some super snacks. Can you maneuver through the various party situations and still come out victorious?!

You know how this works. We're going to lead you through a series of scenarios that will unfold into a plot of your choosing, eventually leading you to the perfect Super Bowl app for your party.

Choose your own adventure...and choose wisely.

1.) First up, who's going to be at this party:

Bunch of dudes (Go to #5), all couples (Go to #7), a mixed crowd (Go to #11), watching the Super Bowl alone (Go to #3)


2.) It's a "who's the hottest couple up in here" face off.

You're not going to take this sitting down. Not on our watch! That's why you bring these Grilled Jalapeno Popper Bites. You're not afraid of a little heat.

jalapeno poppers

3.) You watch the Super Bowl alone.

It is without incident. You kinda feel okay about Beyonce's performance. Your team tried their hardest. Your cat ate all the cheese. The end. (We'll pretend you didn't see totally still had your virtual finger on the last page...go back...GO BACK!)


4.) Wait...this isn't a mixed group. This is an all-couples party.

You're at an all-couples party. Your ex is here with a new +1. And you are:

Single and alone (Go to #6 ) or with your new boo (Go to #2)


5.) We hope you like beer and fart jokes!

"I do!" (Go to #9) or "Oh...oh, no." (Go to #10)


6.) Time has not been kind to them, my friend.

You are pulling out ahead. You bring Pizza Cupcakes to the party, because you know that bringing two beautiful things together can only lead to something even more beautiful. Everyone likes you. You win.

pizza cupcakes

7.) Oh, snap. All couples.

You are single (Go to #10) or you have a +1..thank goodness! (Go to #2)


8.) ERMAHGERD! It's Alejandro.

The guy who likes breakfast...with benefits.

You like the men folk (Go to #4), I'm into chicks (Go to #12)

vday card 2

9.) Well, that was easy.

To be the life of the party, all you need to do is bring a case of beer and some Easy Black Bean Dip. Beer and fart jokes all night!

bean dip

10.) It's okay.

You can do this. Look at the snack table. Are there any jelly shots?

Yes (Go to #14) or no (Go to #13)

arrange an appetizer table

11.) That sounds like safe ground.

A few people you know. A few new faces. But wait...who's that...across the room?

An ex (Go to #4), a handsome stranger (Go to #8), an old rival (Go to #6)


12.) Alejandro is with your chick.

For some reason, he's still shirtless and oiled. Go to #14.

vday card

13.) Bring jelly shots.

Everybody loves the person who brings jelly shots. Better yet, these ones are shaped like footballs. Crisis averted.

football jello cutout

14) Yeah, you should still bring jelly shots.

Here's a collection of 16 jelly shots. You're going to need them today.

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