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Christmas Sushi

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When we were discussing December themes for Tablespoon, at first I sort of laughed at the idea of Christmas sushi, but as time went by, I became intrigued with it! I thought making sushi rolls might be a unique take on the normal finger foods we all have out when our guests first arrive for the holidays.

That idea is where I got the inspiration for the types of rolls I made. My family always has shrimp cocktail out when our relatives arrive on Christmas Eve. That set off an alarm in my brain. Shrimp rolls are one of the most common types of sushi, and horseradish is one of the main ingredients of cocktail sauce. Dyed green horseradish posing as wasabi is actually what you get at most sushi places, so shrimp cocktail sushi seemed like a natural pairing to me.

I also made a buffalo chicken roll, and because I wanted some real sushi in the mix, a spicy salmon roll. To make these rolls even more Christmas-y, I tried to add some fun designs to them!

Christmas sushi

First up is the buffalo chicken gift rolls. I cut the nori paper like this to make the sushi look like it was gift-wrapped!

You can see the one line of nori going across the rest.

Just some leftover chicken mixed with buffalo sauce, carrots, and celery.

I think the gift wrap idea came out pretty nice! I would totally love a sushi gift.

You know how there is always that one uncle that is too stubborn to try anything new? Well, this roll is for him. I even left the nori out of this roll so that he would have no excuses not to try it! It’s just shrimp, rice, and cocktail sauce.

Christmas Sushi

You have to be careful cutting this roll since there is no nori holding it together.

Shrimp cocktail flavors always remind me of Christmas because that is the only time of the year that I eat it.

Christmas Sushi

My last roll was just a typical spicy salmon, but I spruced up the design by adding some stars.

The salmon filling.

I LOVE spicy tuna and spicy salmon.

So pretty! Unfortunately, they kind of remind me of Fourth of July more than Christmas. But if you served these with the others, it would be a nice Christmas sushi spread.

I have to tell you about one idea that I was unable to execute. If you have been to a sushi place, then you know about those tiny balls that sometimes go on the outside of rolls called tobikko. I thought I would get some red and green ones to make these rolls look more festive, but I was unable to get any at the last minute! The places near me had tobikko, but only the natural orange kind, no red or green. It’s a shame because those would have been perfect on the shrimp cocktail rolls to give them some color!


Buffalo Chicken Sushi

Shrimp Cocktail Sushi

Spicy Salmon Roll

Dan Whalen wants to recreate all of his favorite meals in sushi form. Check out his blog at The Food in My Beard; check Dan’s Tablespoon profile often to try his recipes with creative international spins!
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