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Football Party Dips & Tricks

Jackie Fo By

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“Hi, my name is Jackie, and I’m a football-loving girl.”

In unison now: “Hi, Jackie.”

I’m not big into gender stereotyping, but I would say it’s a general rule of thumb that men are more pro-football than women.  I, on the other hand, love football season. The fall weather, cozy sweaters, beers and hot dogs at the games make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  If my team wins, I’m a happy girl. (Go Carolina Panthers--come on, guys!)

I’m even happier if I have a plethora of cute and delicious food out on the table in front of me when I’m watching football. So put your game face on and whip up some sporty treats and you may just learn to love football like I do. HIKE!

super bowl party table

Football Party Dips

Football food is not health food, so just get that straight. The cheesier and beefier the better, I say. And if you can serve it in a cute football shape with a cheeky name? You’re bound to go pro.

  • Pumpernickel Loaf: The deep brown color of pumpernickel is perfect for making into a football-shaped bread bowl to house your favorite dips. If you like something with a little kick, try the Jalapeno Popper Dip. To add another detail, cut out thin strips of white cheese and place on either end to represent the laces. Another pumpernickel option? Cut the bread out into thin football shapes for festive football crostinis or mini sandwiches!

  • Cheese Log: Form Grandma Betty’s famous cheese log into a football shape to score some extra points!

  • Helmets: Is your husband an insane football memorabilia collector? Put all those dusty helmets to good use by turning them upside down and sticking a bowl inside to hold dips! Perfect for serving some of the old standbys like Creamy Spinach Dip, Vegetable Garden Dip and Guacamole Dip.

  • Watermelon: Football marks the official end of summer, but there are still watermelons to be found! Make a football-shaped watermelon bowl and fill it with fruit dip like my Drewberry Dip (aka Strawberry Dip) below! Cut the leftover watermelon out into cubes for dipping.

  • Festive names: Hail Mary Hummus, anyone? Extra Point Enchilada Dip? Field Goal Fondue? Jazz up an ordinary (or—gasp!—store-bought) dip with a clever name for a fun twist! If Peyton Manning is your favorite player, why not serve Peyton’s Pimento Cheese? Here's a few recipes to help you get creative: Pesto Hummus, Havarti-Cheddar Fondue or Philly Cheese Steak Dip.

Decorating In the Big Leagues

  • Astro Turf: Found at any local hardware store (for those who want Astro Turf installed in their home - not judging… OK, I am, a little bit), a sheet of Astro Turf turns a blah table into a PAR-TAY, football style! You can go simple or extreme. Do a classic table runner made out of Astro Turf for a small touch, or get out your masking tape and draw the yardage! The possibilities for your football field table are endless.

  • Play Sides: Is Pittsburgh up against the Patriots? Tell your friends to get in the spirit by wearing team colors and having them sit on opposite sides of the room. You can even make up two separate cheering sections in your living room. Serve up delicacies and alcoholic beverages from each town to make the rivalry carry out through the party.

Whether you’re a diehard fan, or just want something to do on Sunday afternoons, having a great spread of festive food will put you in the mood for football! See you in the end zone!

Dip Recipe Roster - Score!

Here's a quick line up of the dips I mentioned. You can also check out the Party Dip Collection which highlights some other faves here on Tablespoon.
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