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Get a Husband Brunswick Stew

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Trying to snag a husband? Apparently all you have to do is make this Get A Husband Brunswick Stew, which is known to make men weak in the knees.

If a warm simmering barbecue stew with three pounds of meat in it doesn’t send the men knocking on your door, then I don’t know what will. Unless you’re looking for a vegetarian man, this stew will likely do the trick.

This Get A Husband Brunswick Stew takes a little twist on the traditional southeastern Brunswick stew. I omitted the Lima beans and veered away from rabbit and squirrel that can sometimes be used in this stew. The result is a hearty and smoky barbecue stew with beef, pork, chicken, and a slight hint of sweetness from the addition of creamed corn. And did I mention the three pounds of meat?

Easy Brunswick Stew Recipe

I already have a husband but if I could flashback to when we first met, I would have made this as our first meal. I know it would have been love at first taste for him and we wouldn’t have wasted all of that time dating!

Tip: Not a fan of pork or beef? Use whatever combo of meat you like. You’re in charge of your own man-finding stew!

Click here for Brunswick Stew recipe!

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