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How to Cut an Avocado Like a Boss

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There truly is no “wrong way” to cut an avocado.

But if you have wondered about the easiest method to cube fresh avocado, or slice it for a salad or for topping a burger…well, this is for you!


Avocado with knife

If you’re planning to use avocado the same day (or even the next day), it’s best to buy avocado that have a slight give when pressed. Otherwise, I buy hard avocados and let them ripen in a bowl on my counter over a few days.

You can easily speed up the ripening process by placing two or three avocados in a paper bag and closing it tight. To make that method even faster, stick an apple in there. Keep checking them to see if they are ripened, and don’t go by color as some avocado varieties remain a little green even when ripe!


Slicing avocado

Start by running a paring knife lengthwise around the entire avocado, stopping at the pit in the center. Another way is to set it on a counter, holding the avocado in one hand and the knife in the other, cutting the avocado in half. Choose whichever method you feel most comfortable and safe using.


Avocado, halved

Place both of your hands on either side of the avocado halves and gently twist to detach both halves from the pit.


Avocado on cloth

To remove the pit, I grab a cloth towel or napkin and use it to hold on to the avocado half with the pit. The towel will help protect your hand.


Pit removed, on knife blade

With a sharp knife I carefully whack the avocado pit with the blade of the knife and gently twist the pit out of the center of the avocado. Use the cloth to grasp the pit, carefully pull from the knife, and discard.


Avocado, horizontal cut

To cube avocado for salsa or guacamole, start by using a paring knife to make horizontal slices.


Avocado, vertical cut

Then use the same knife to make vertical slices.


Scooping avocado

Over a bowl, use a spoon and slide it between the peel and the flesh. The cubes of avocado will come out nice and neatly.


avocado quarters

If you’re looking to make wedges for a salad, repeat the first two steps above and cut the avocado in half. Remove the pit and cut the avocado halves in half (quarters).


Peeling avocado

Make three slices into each avocado quarter and gently pull back the peel.


Avocado wedges

You’ll have perfect wedges every time!


Removing avocado with spoon

Let’s say you have a juicy burger that you want to top with thin slices of avocado. Follow the first two steps of slicing the avocado lengthwise in half and removing the pit. Next, use a spoon and work it underneath the avocado and turn it cut side down onto a cutting board.


Avocado, thinly sliced

Use a knife to cut slices as thin as you want.


Remember, a good way to preserve that beautiful green avocado color is to squeeze a little fresh lemon or lime juice over top and cover with plastic wrap.

Here are a few avocado recipes you can test your avocado slicing skills with!

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