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How to Make a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Spread

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a turkey to get down on Turkey Day.

An oversized turkey is often the centerpiece for any Thanksgiving meal, but the bird can often end up dry and flavorless. And what about vegetarian friends?

Here's a balanced, flavorful, vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner that will make everyone forget about dry breast meat and greasy bits of thigh.

For the Thanksgiving Entrée

Your guests' eyes will go straight to the main dish, making it the most important part of your dinner table. These meat-free entrees will be every bit as alluring as a golden bird–perhaps even more so!

A Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie complete with a mashed-potato topping and filled with tons of vegetables will make everyone forget about the ubiquitous turkey. Also, leftovers from this dish are just as good – if not better – than your average Thanksgiving fare.

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

While most people think of acorn squash as a side dish, this recipe for Squash with Vegetarian Sausage Rice Stuffing is so flavorful and filling that we're going to ignore convention. Better yet, it requires just six ingredients – not including salt and water – so you'll have more time to spend entertaining.

Squash with Vegetarian Sausage Rice Stuffing

Serving this Italian Vegetarian Lasagna at your Thanksgiving feast may be a welcome change from the norm, and (in my opinion) it sure tastes a lot better than meat alternatives like tofu and tempeh.

Italian Vegetarian Lasagna

Thanksgiving on the Side

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without sweet potatoes. This recipe for Healthified Sweet Potato Casserole is a good-for-you dish that tastes anything but.

Healthified Sweet Potato Casserole

Green Bean Casserole is another quintessential dish that you can indulge in whether or not you're forgoing meat. This classic is a people-pleaser that will be gone before anyone even notices the absence of a turkey.

Green Bean Casserole

Sadly, vegetarians need to avoid gravy because it's often made with meat drippings. On the other hand, there's this drool-worthy Cheesy-Topped Mashed Potato Casserole, which is just as indulgent.

Cheesy-Topped Mashed Potato Casserole

Finally, serve a basket of freshly baked Bread Machine Caramelized-Onion Bread alongside your meal for a homemade touch, one that will release a scent in the air that won't let anyone forget what time of year it is.

Bread Machine Caramelized-Onion Bread

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