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Mini Holiday Appetizers for Big Appetites

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‘Tis the season for mini bite-sized appetizers!

The holiday season is upon us and that means plenty of parties! When the gathering isn’t a formal, sit-down affair, the secret to feeding a crowd is easy-to-eat mini foods. Your guests can have all the stomach-filling goodness of a meal and still have the ability to move through a crowded room. Plus, mini anything is just so cute! Here are 19 of our fave mini holiday appetizers to get you through the holiday season.


1. Mini Onion Jam Pizzas

mini apps pizzas

These little savory-sweet bites are made easy with Pillsbury™ pizza crust. It’s like magic!


2. Mini Mac and Cheese Crescent Cups

mini apps mac and cheese

What’s better than mac and cheese? Handheld mac and cheese, of course.


3. Mini Fig Pizza Bites

mini apps fig

If you’re trying to class up the joint this holiday season, then fig is a great flavor to add a little elegance to your spread. It’s a refined taste for the more distinguished palate.


4. Mini Pizza Pancakes

mini apps pancakes

Pizza for breakfast or breakfast for dinner? What about both at the same time?


5. Mini Tuscan Vegetable Wraps

mini apps wraps

Wrap veggies up in crescent dough and call your favorite nibblers to get their snack on.


6. Mini Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

mini apps roll ups

If you want to feel like you’re having a meal without the whole sit down around a table thing, then these lasagna roll ups are the perfect remedy.


7. Mini Crescent Dog Wreath

mini apps wreath

Deck the halls with crescent dogs, fa la la la la la la la la!


8. Wild Mushroom Tartlets

mini apps tartlets

Mushrooms and goat cheese and herbs…askdfjskjfoeafskdjfaskldjf. I’m sorry. I lost my train of thought for a second. Oh boy!


9. Spinach Tomato Mini Pies

mini apps pies

Crescent dough is so versatile; why not add spinach and tomato to make these fun mini pies!


10. Spinach Artichoke Mini Bites

mini apps spinach

We’ve all found ourselves hovering over the spinach artichoke dip at the hors d’oeuvres table. Lucky for you, these mini bites are the solution to taking that joy with you as you mingle around the room.


11. Impossibly Easy Mini Crab Cake

mini apps crab cakes

Any time you see “impossibly easy” in a food name, the recipe will be your best friend.


12. Gruyere-Bacon Pizza Minis

mini apps gruyere

Forget personal pan pizza. The future is passable app-size pizzas. And the future is now.


13. Mini Bacon Cheese Cups

mini apps cups

Bacon, cheese and egg. A winning combination for any crowd!


14. Mini Pear Brie Bites

mini apps pear

Pear and Brie is such a warm holiday flavor combination. It feels cozy and fancy, while being seasonal and simple.


15. Sweet Potato Mini Latkes

mini apps latkes

You’ll like these a latke!


16. Mushroom Garlic Cream Tartlets

mini apps mushroom

Although maybe not the best pre-mistletoe, these tartlets are definitely delicious.


17. Corned Beef and Swiss Mini Pot Pies

mini apps corned beef

These savory mini pies are great for keeping warm and full on a cold winter night.


18. 3-Ingredient Bacon Guacamole Crescent Cups

mini apps guacamole

Holy guacamole! This recipe only has three ingredients, and that’s not a bad situation to be in.


19. Savory Mini Muffins with Goat Cheese, Red Onion and Rosemary

mini apps muffins

Personally, I’m all about anything goat cheese. Especially with the addition of red onion and rosemary. It gives these mini muffins a little zing!

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