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ReHeat - Taste for Adventure

Our Taste for Adventure bloggers keep churning out the goods. If you haven’t checked in lately, read on as we “re-heat” the fave posts from the past week (or thereabouts):

1. Cookie-Stuffed Cookies by Betty Crocker TasteSeekers

By now you're probably familiar with double rainbows. But how about double cookies? These multi-level munchies are shockingly easy to make. Best Facebook comment of the week: "COOKIECEPTION" (you have to have seen the movie Inception to get it).

Cookie-Stuffed Cookies

Check out the:  Article - Recipe

2. Deep Fried Pickles by Macheesmo

Deep fried foods really strike a chord with people...we asked our Facebook fans this question: "The most unique deep-fried food I've ever eaten is _____." There are 444 responses and counting! And there are some great tips and tricks in the comments for these Deep Fried Pickles too...different types of pickles, dip options, and more. Thanks, everyone!

Deep Fried Pickles

Check out the:  Article - Recipe

3. How to Roast and Eat a Whole Artichoke by Girl Versus Dough

But the week wasn't one big snack attack. Stephanie had a great article on how to use a whole artichoke. Not just the heart, mind you - the whole thing! Well, nearly the whole thing. There are a few parts you should probably leave out. Which parts? Read on!

How to Roast and Eat a Whole Artichoke

Check out the:  Article - Recipe

Taste for Adventure bloggers are always on the hunt for out of the ordinary edibles. Stay tuned!

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