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ReHeat - Taste for Adventure

Our Taste for Adventure bloggers keep churning out the goods. If you haven’t checked in lately, read on as we “re-heat” the fave posts from the past week (or thereabouts):

1. Bourbon Bacon Brownies by Girl Versus Dough

Yes, indeed! This combination of ingredients really got the Facebook comments poppin'. Opinion was sharply divided between lovers and haters, with one going as far as saying "This is like how to seduce a guy with one tasty bite!" I have a feeling these will be on quite a few plates this Father's Day.

Bourbon Bacon Brownies Recipe

Check out the:  Article - Recipe

2. Ice Cream Sandwiches by Food In My Beard

Most people think you have to buy ice cream sandwiches, or they consist of subpar ice cream between two spongy chocolate slabs. Not so! Dan shows you how to make your own cookie sandwiches featuring TWO ice cream flavors. Why not experiment with your own of combinations and see what you come up with?

Ice Cream Sandwiches

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3. Beef Tataki by Macheesmo

Lots of love for this on Facebook too! Our favorite comment: "SOLD!!!!!" Two interesting things: 1) You marinate this after you cook it, and 2) It's served cold. Intrigued? Go for it! As Nick says, "It can be one of the most delicious ways to prepare beef."

Beef Tataki Recipe

Check out the:  Article - Recipe

Taste for Adventure bloggers are always on the hunt for out of the ordinary edibles. Stay tuned!

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