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Soda-Inspired Cakes

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Don't just serve up any old cake at your next bash -- make one that's inspired by your fave soda.

Cake is a must at any party, whether you're celebrating a birthday, a promotion or just wanting an excuse to get everyone together. At your next get-together, show your friends your creative side by serving up a cake based on your favorite fizzy pop.

These recipes aren't just inspired by soda, they're actually made with the carbonated drink, adding tons of flavor -- and a crazy fun conversation starter! Plus, you can replace regular soda with diet for a cake that's a little lower in sugar.
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Root Beer Float Cake

Root Beer Float Cake Recipe

This recipe has been a huge hit so far with our readers, and it's no wonder why: It evokes memories of retro soda fountains with flavors of root beer and vanilla, yet boggles the mind with its moist, cakey texture and rich icing.

Chocolate-Cherry Cola Cake

Cherry Cola Cake Recipe

You may not have ever tried chocolate cherry soda, as it's kind of an old-school drink. But you'll be wishing it never went out of style after you try this cake, because it combines rich chocolate, tart cherry and spicy cola into one recipe. Maraschino cherries top it with style, making this cake party perfect in every way.

Orange Soda Cake Cones

Orange Soda Cone Cakes Recipe

In addition to being incredibly yummy, these little cones – which look just like tiny orange soda floats – are almost too cute to eat. Almost. To make them, just whip up the simple batter, pour it into flat-bottom ice cream cones and bake. Once they've cooled, decorate your cones with icing, orange candies and little straws for the most adorable dessert you've ever seen.

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