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Super Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Apps

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No need to stress with these easy appetizers perfect for Thanksgiving Day!

Whether you’re headed home to spend Thanksgiving with family or plan to do it up Friendsgiving style, let us be truly thankful for one thing that really matters: You are not responsible for the turkey.

High fives all around, am I right? Not that you couldn’t bust out with a magnificent and moist bird to please the masses. But isn’t it a relief knowing you don’t actually have to? You though, being a stellar human being, definitely want to contribute to a delicious and bountiful meal. Why not try one of these amazing and easy recipes to get those appetites revved up?


1. Loaded Smashed Sweet Potatoes

last minute apps smashed

Sweet potatoes are the best potatoes; everyone knows this. Far more fantastically flavorful than fingerlings, regulating russets to the back row, they’re the sweetest tuber to ever tempt taste buds. Elevate them to a whole new level by adding bacon and cheese!


2. Cheesy Bacon and Caramelized Onion Rolls

last minute apps rolls

Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent rolls to the rescue! Just add in some salty bacon, happenin’ Havarti cheese and onions for a tasty roll that’s out of this world.


3. Jalapeno Popper Dip with Cheesy Crescent Dippers

last minute apps popper

Crescent dinner rolls just wanna have fun. How can you help them achieve their dinner roll goals? First, you need all of the dairy. I’m talking Parmesan, shredded Mexican cheese blend, cream cheese and yogurt. Add in some spice with jalapeno seeds for a rich dip that’s not for the faint of heart!


4. Cheesy Mushroom Crescent Puffs

last minute apps puffs

Is that a fungus among us? Of course it is! Finely chopped mushrooms are seasoned with fresh herbs, combined with shredded Italian cheese blend and then baked to golden perfection. Get ready to enjoy!


5. 3-Ingredient Bacon Guacamole Crescent Cups

last minute apps cups

Use either a Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent dough sheet or a can of Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent rolls to create these fantastic little mouthfuls. Just add bacon and guacamole for a tasty treat!


6. Loaded Baked Potato Dip

last minute apps dip

Yoplait™ Greek plain yogurt, cheddar cheese and savory bacon crumbles are ready to bring the flavor. All you need are the French fries or potato chips for the dipping!


7. Spicy Cranberry Wontons

last minute apps wontons

Wonton wrappers, jalapenos, cream cheese and cranberry sauce are all that’s required to make these little packets of yum. Better get frying!


8. Philly Cheese Steak Crescent Pinwheels

last minute apps philly

Mini meaty circles of tender steak and chopped bell peppers, coddled in a little pinwheel. All you need now is the creamy dipping sauce!


9. Walnut Pesto Bruschetta Bites

last minute apps walnut

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that walnuts are good for your brain. I’m not 100% sure I could direct you to a reputable source—but even if it’s not true, they’re still delicious, right? So treat your brain (maybe) and your stomach (definitely)!


10. Bruschetta

last minute apps bruschetta

If you’re more of a traditional antipasto person, why not try this recipe for a crunchy and satisfying app? It’ll tempt your taste buds with fresh herbs, capers and luscious tomatoes.


11. Holiday Goat Cheese Log

last minute apps log

Two cheeses, both alike in dignity—in a fair kitchenette, where we lay our scene.

Luckily, chèvre and cream cheese are not star-crossed at all. Decked out in a lovely layer of dried cranberries, parsley and chopped rosemary, this cheese log is ready to have a ball!

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