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Bites and Pieces - Taste for Adventure

The food blogosphere never sleeps. So Taste for Adventure editors scour the interweb for fresh recipes, tips and recommendations that need more love. Here are five finds we just had to share from the past week:

1) From Love & Olive Oil, this Rainbow Layered Cake is an amazing feat of color. We recently had Double Rainbow Week here at Tablespoon--check out "vibrant" recipes by our bloggers!

2) Over at Two Peas & Their Pod, there's a great recipe for Potato Rosemary Rolls. They'd be a great thing to have on any holiday table--rosemary has been increasingly popular as an ingredient in the cooking world.

3) The Runaway Spoon has a tasty twist on an old favorite: Butternut and Sage Lasagna. Sign us up!

4) And Not Without Salt has a novel and colorful side dish with their Roasted Red Onions.

5) Last but not yeast, White on Rice Couple posted a seasonally sensational Pumpkin Creme Brulee.

Stay tuned as we surf the waves of the foodie pool to bring you more fascinating finds next week!

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