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Top 10 Thanksgiving Kids Table Treats

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Make your Thanksgiving kids table go from snooze to cool with these ten awesome treats that your younger guests will love.

Thanksgiving pie is definitely a tradition that should not be lost, but why not give the desserts at the kids table a turkey day makeover? These 10 treats are not only yummy for the little ones, they'll definitely bring some holiday delight.
thanksgiving turkey cupcakes

1. Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

These adorable Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes will get gobbled up in two seconds flat. Don't be surprised if a few make their way to the adults table!

cornucopia thanksgiving treats

2. Cornucopia Snacks

The best snacks are the ones that come in cute containers you can eat! Fill these Cornucopia snacks with your favorite dried fruit, nuts and Cheerios for a super sweet treat.

turkey cookies

3. Cookie Turkeys

In addition to dessert, Cookie Turkeys can also be a great activity for your little guests. Bake the cookies beforehand, and then set out frosting and candies after dinner so that kids can decorate their own.

thanksgiving pizza treat

4. Thanksgiving Pizza

After seeing this dessert, you may just want to skip the turkey and dressing all together. The kids probably wouldn't mind. After all, who wouldn't want Thanksgiving Pizza?

crustless pumpkin pie

5. Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Crustless Pumpkin Pie is a sweet little twist on this holiday classic. It's almost like a PBJ without the crust...but in pie form. Kids will love it!

turkey gobbler cake

6. Turkey Gobbler Cake

The Turkey Gobbler Cake can double as both a dessert and table centerpiece. Beware: tiny fingers may not be able to resist swiping some frosting during dinner!

tom the turkey cookies

7. Tom the Turkey Cookie

Get a little creative with cookie dough to make these cute Tom the Turkey Cookies.

kid salad recipe

8. Kid Salad

If you want to try to be a little healthy, this Kid Salad is so cute they'll forget that it's not "dessert." You can also dress this up in the form of a turkey: fill the celery sticks with peanut butter  to position as feathers and use the peach as the body. Then use marshmallows and dried cranberries for the head and eyes. Don't be afraid to experiment.

spicy pumpkin bars

9. Spicy Pumpkin Bars

Spicy pumpkin bars are great bite-sized desserts that can make for quick clean up!

mini yogurt cups

10. Mini Yogurt Cups

Cookie cups make a great container for yogurt. Check out this recipe for mini yogurt cups to see just how easy these little guys are to whip together.
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