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Top 15 Pepper Recipes to Spice Up Your November

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Whether you like 'em hot, sweet, big, small, red or green, peppers can add the right flavor to just about any dish.

It's National Pepper Month, everybody! Set your sights on the produce corner that boasts bright, plump peppers in a rainbow of green, yellow, orange and red. At a loss for what to make? We've got you covered with our top 15 pepper recipes.

Basket of Peppers


1. Stuffed Green Bell Peppers
This is a classic, especially in the colder months when you want nothing more than a hot, hearty one-dish meal at the end of the day.

Stuffed Green Peppers


2. Grilled Mixed Peppers
This is a basic recipe for grilled, seasoned peppers and onions that you can add to everything from brats to fresh greens.

Grilled Mixed Peppers


3. Chipotle Bell Pepper Nachos
These Tex Mex nachos feature two types of peppers - chipotles in adobo and fresh sweet peppers - to satisfy your need for spice and flavor.

Chipotle Bell Pepper Nachos


4. Citrus-Black Bean Salad
Let's not forget about one of the major benefits of peppers: They're super good for you, as is this fresh, fruity, fun salad.

Citrus Black Bean Salad with Two Peppers


5. Peppered Focccia
Think of this as a kind of pizza, but way better because the crust is puffy and light and the topping of little more than gooey cheese and sliced peppers is simple and decadent.

Peppered Focaccia


6. Bell Pepper Rajas
Love nachos but feel guilty about the calories in chips? This recipe replaces the fried stuff with fresh peppers for a healthy twist on a comfort food fave.

Bell Pepper Rajas


7. Apple-Pepper Jelly
Looking for a way to bring the fruity goodness of apples and the spicy heat of peppers to just about any dish? Look no further than this Apple-Pepper Jelly.

Apple Pepper Jelly


8. Grilled Chicken with Peppers and Artichokes
Looking for a quick, filling Italian dinner that won't make you want to unbutton your pants after you eat it? This recipe is the solution.

Grilled Chicken with Peppers and Artichokes


9. Tomato and Roasted Sweet Pepper Soup
Make this soup alongside an easy-peasy grilled cheesy for a perfect fall lunch.

Tomato and Roasted Sweet Pepper Soup


10. Pizza-Stuffed Peppers
Turns out there are a lot of things you can stuff a pepper with–not just beef and rice. Take, for instance, this recipe for pasta-, pizza sauce- and cheese-filled peppers as evidence.

Pizza Stuffed Peppers


11. Beef and Peppers with Cheese Biscuits
No time to wait on a pot roast? This recipe is just as satisfying and will be something totally new for friends or fam.

Beef and Peppers with Cheese Biscuits


12. Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Calzones
People sometimes get carried away with pizza toppings and calzone fillings, when some simple mozzarella and roasted peppers are all that's needed for a great dish.

Cheese and Roasted Pepper Calzones


13. Camembert with Balsamic Bell Peppers
The smelly French cheese needs a little somethin'-somethin' to go with it, and balsamic-glazed peppers appear to be that somethin'.

Camembert with Balsamic Bell Peppers


14. Pepper and Olive Tomato Sauce
This quintessential American-Italian sauce is fresh and flavorful – a perfect addition to lean meats or pasta.

Pepper and Olive Tomato Sauce


15. Grilled Balsamic Peppers and Mushrooms
This is just plain ol' sliced peppers and 'shrooms, sautéed up and ready to be plopped on top of scrambled eggs, a big steak or just a simple bowl of rice.

Grilled Balsamic Peppers and Mushrooms


Need more ideas? Search Tablespoon for pepper recipes!

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