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Beer Braised Pulled Pork Calzones

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Beer Braised Pulled Pork Calzones
  • Prep Time 8 hr 0 min
  • Total Time 9 hr 0 min
  • Servings 30
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Beer Braised Pulled Pork Calzones

Slow cooked pulled pork, braised onions, and Swiss cheese all wrapped up in ready to go Pilsbury pizza crust. Don't get discouraged by the time...it's 7 hours in a crock pot.


(3 pound) pork shoulder
(12 ounce) can cheap beer (lager)
large sweet onion (like Mayan)
tbsp mustard
tbsp dried garlic
tbsp soy sauce
packages Pillsbury™ refrigerated thin pizza crust
slices Swiss cheese, cut into fours
egg lightly beaten


  • 2 Slice onions thinly.
  • 3 Place onions at the bottom of a 4-6 quart slow cooker (crock pot). Place pork shoulder on top of that.
  • 4 Pour beer over the pork shoulder and add mustard, garlic, and soy sauce.
  • 5 Let cook on slow for 7-8 hours or 4-5 hours on high if in a hurry. Flip the meat half way through cooking if you can.
  • 6 Remove from slow cooker and removed excess fat and shred the meat.
  • 8 Roll out the pizza dough. Using a round cookie cutter cut out 14-16 circles depending on how many you get. Remember that you want these large enough to get some filling into them but small enough that they are only about three bites.
  • 9 Place about a Tbsp of pork in the middle of the dough circle. Then place a braised onion and a piece of the cheese. You might need to make the cheese even smaller, just double up if you have to cut it in half again.
  • 10 Using a pastry brush or just your finger apply the egg so that the dough will stick better.
  • 11 Fold the circle over the filling to make a half circle and to form the calzone. Press down along the seams to seal the dough. If you don't feel you got a tight enough seam, you can use a fork to push down to create a tighter seam.
  • 12 Bake at 425°F for 6-8 minutes or until golden brown. Every thing is already cooked so you are just looking for the pizza crust to be browned and the filling warmed up. Serve with Red Beer or beverage of your choice and enjoy.
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Cheers to Dad: The Perfect Combo

As prepared by Baker Peabody,

When thinking about what to make if I was having a little party for Father’s Day, I knew beer should be involved…and pork.

I wouldn’t call it bartending but I’ve been beer fetching since I was a young girl. Seems like at every BBQ, get-together, or game night, I was my parental units’ official beer fetcher (no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t train the dog to do it).

Beer Braised Pulled Pork Calzones FTW…slow cooked in beer pulled pork, beer braised onions, and Swiss cheese all tucked nicely in a pizza crust to make the perfect manly bite size appetizer. Serve with a little mustard and you’re golden.

And to go with those mini calzones? A little Red Beer. Where I come from it’s the drink of champions (well, more like rec-league hockey players wanting to be champions), consisting of beer (the cheaper the better), tomato juice (sometimes clam-based tomato juice) and a dash of hot sauce. It’s the beer version of a Bloody Mary, which just happens to be my dad’s favorite cocktail.

Use this Beer Braised Pulled Pork recipe. I find that bathing the pork in the beer really helps it break down and become extra tender…plus you don’t want to miss out on the cooked down onions! The pulled pork can be made a day in advance giving you extra time to spend with your dad.

For the Calzone, roll out the pizza dough and use a round cookie cutter. Place a tablespoon of pork in the middle of the circle (don’t forget the onions and a piece of cheese).

Apply egg so the dough will stick together. Bake until golden brown and you’re set for a delicious meal!

Cheers to your dad from your favorite beer fetcher!

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