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Honey Nut Cheerios™ Ice Cream

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Honey Nut Cheerios™ Ice Cream
  • Prep Time 15 min
  • Total Time 12 hr 20 min
  • Servings 2
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Honey Nut Cheerios™ Ice Cream

A simple and delicious recipe for ice cream, made with milk soaked in Honey Nut Cheerios™.



quart cream
quart milk
cups Cheerios™ cereal
1 3/4
cups sugar
packages milk powder (about 180g)
teaspoon gelatin


cups sugar
cups cereal
cup water
tablespoons light corn syrup
teaspoon salt


  • 1 For the ice cream, mix the cream and milk and add the cereal. Allow to sit for about an hour, stirring occasionally. Strain. Heat the milk until just steaming and remove from heat. Whisk in the sugar, milk powder, and salt.
  • 2 Allow to cool fully in the fridge overnight.
  • 3 For the brittle, mix the sugar, water, and syrup in a small pot and cook on medium/high until it reaches a temperature of 280°F (soft crack stage; use a candy thermometer). During this time, don't stir it, just swirl the pot once in awhile to combine everything.
  • 4 Pour out the Cheerios™ in an even layer on a large sheet pan that is covered with a piece of parchment paper and lightly buttered. Flatten them all out as best you can.
  • 5 Very lightly and carefully (it's hot!) drizzle the sugar mixture over the Cheerios™ to eventually cover them all. Do this very slowly or you may mess up your nicely organized single layer of Cheerios™.
  • 6 Allow to cool about an hour.
  • 7 Give the cooled ice cream base a quick and vigorous whisk, then pour into ice cream maker. Churn according to manufacturers instructions. Chill further in the freezer to harden.
  • 8 Break up the Cheerio™ brittle. Scoop some of your ice cream into a bowl and serve with the brittle.
  • 9 NOTE FOR VEGETARIANS: The gelatin in this recipe is used as a binder. The recipe will work just fine without it, but it will become icy and hard in the freezer after about a week. The gelatin increases stability and shelf life.
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Honey Nut Cheerios Ice Cream

As prepared by The Food in my Beard,

I've been doing cereal milk ice cream for a while now, but I don’t think any have come out quite as delicious as this flavor!

It even prompted one of my roommates to offer to invest in an ice cream shop that only sold cereal milk varieties.

I think it’s actually a pretty good idea. You could make batches of all your favorite cereal-flavored ice creams, have crushed up cereals as the toppings, and even have some fun confections like the Cheerio Brittle I made for this recipe.

Seriously though, this Honey Nut Cheerio Ice Cream recipe is amazing. It has just the right sweetness, a strong honey flavor, and a beautifully creamy and dense texture. On top of all that, there are no complicated custards to make or eggs to temper. Just mix the ingredients and go!

Soaking Cheerios

First mix the milk and cream with the Cheerios and let it sit a while. Then drain out the cereal and mix in the sugar and milk powder.

Ice cream, out of the maker

After letting it fully cool, mix in an ice cream maker. Yum!

Starting Cheerios brittle

I wanted a nice garnish to go with this special ice cream, so I whipped up a Cheerio Brittle.

Cheerios laid out flat for brittle

It looks best if you lay them all out flat.

Pouring candy sugar over the Cheerios

Pour the candy sugar over the Cheerios nice and slow. This was brought to a “soft crack” temperature of 280, so when it cools it will be like glass.

Sheet of Cheerios

A sheet of Cheerios!

Cheerios brittle broken into pieces

A light drop and it broke into nice pieces.

Honey Nut Cheerios Ice Cream cone

Nothing like a cone of Honey Nut on a sunny afternoon!

Dan Whalen thinks Omar would love this flavor. He has been blogging for over 4 years at The Food in My Beard; check Dan's Tablespoon profile often to try his recipes with creative international spins!
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