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Monkey Bread in a Jar

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Monkey Bread in a Jar
  • Prep Time 10 min
  • Total Time 28 min
  • Servings 8
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Monkey Bread in a Jar

Ooey, gooey, cinnamon treats don't get any easier (or cuter!) that this simple Monkey Bread baked in a jar. Four ingredients is all you need to get this recipe right in your belly!


tube Pillsbury™ Grands!™ biscuits
cup sugar
tablespoon cinnamon
stick butter


  • 1 Clean eight small canning jars. Spray each generously with nonstick cooking spray.
  • 2 Open the biscuits. Cut each biscuit into eight small pieces.
  • 3 Mix together the sugar and cinnamon. Melt the butter in a small, microwave-safe bowl.
  • 4 Dip the biscuits in butter, then in the cinnamon sugar mixture. Place eight sugared biscuit pieces in each prepared jar.
  • 5 Bake jars in an oven preheated to 400°F for 16-18 minutes.
  • 6 Allow jars to cool slightly before spooning frosting atop. Serve immediately or cover hot jars with a canning lid and ring. Listen for a pop that indicates the jar has sealed. Feel free to ship jars that have sealed in the mail, so long as they arrive at their destination within 3 days.
  • 7 Enjoy!
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Monkey Bread in a Jar

As prepared by Cheeky Kitchen,

Are you ready for a recipe so ridiculously easy and fun to make, you’ll feel like you’ve thrown yourself a party in your kitchen? Well then, prepare yourself because this Monkey Bread in a Jar is about the cutest thing you’ve seen all year. And it’s absurdly simple and fun to make.

Desserts in a jar have been all the rage as of late. They are relatively simple to make, with the added bonus of being portable, and often, capable of withstanding a trip via snail mail.

This recipe is no different. The ingredients are stable enough that you can actually pop cooled and sealed jars in the mail (so long as they get to their intended location within three days) and send a little bit of love to someone you adore.

Since baking treats in jars may be a new experience for you, here’s a step-by-step tutorial of the process. You’ll see … there’s nothing to worry about. This is about as easy as recipes come!

Grab a tube of Pillsbury Grands. Their soft,flaky layers add tons of texture and flavor to this recipe.

Gather your ingredients and supplies. Just a few are needed: sugar, cinnamon, melted butter, a knife, a spoon. And that’s it! How easy is this?

Make sure each of your small canning jars is cleaned in the dishwasher (the heat sanitizes the jars beautifully). Then, spray each with a generous layer of nonstick cooking spray.

Slice your biscuits into 8 pieces, dip in butter, cinnamon-sugar, then plop into your prepared jars. Bake at 400 degrees for 16-18 minutes, top with vanilla frosting and Voila! You’ve got yourself a batch of Monkey Bread!

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