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Purple-rific Layer Cake

Michelle P Recipe by
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Purple-rific Layer Cake
  • Prep Time 45 min
  • Total Time 2 hr 45 min
  • Servings 12
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Purple-rific Layer Cake

Dress up white cake mixes with a variegated color scheme. We used purple (for a Bieber-rific theme), but let your imagination run wild. Frost with white icing to set off your lovely layers.


Betty Crocker SuperMoist™ white cake mix, batter mixed up as directed
Neon purple food coloring. (I used neon purple from McCormick®)
containers Betty Crocker™ Whipped white frosting


  • 1 Divide cake batter into three bowls (about 2 3/4 cups of batter each).
  • 2 Tint with the food coloring for dark, medium and light purple. For the dark, I used 30 drops. For the medium, 15 drops, and the light I used 6 drops.
  • 3 Pour the batters into a greased and floured 8 or 9 inch round cake pan.
  • 4 Bake at 325°F for about 25 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the middle of each layer comes out clean.
  • 5 After baking, cool pans on a rack for 15 minutes. Run a knife around each pan and remove from pan, inverting on a rack to fully cool.
  • 6 Once the layers are cool, slice the rounded tops off each layer, making each layer uniform.
  • 7 Place dark purple layer on serving platter first, frost middle. Add the medium purple layer, and so on. Frost top and sides.
  • 8 Refrigerate until about 1 hour before serving time.
  • 9 To serve, slice and plate.
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Purple-rific Layer Cake

As prepared by Michelle P,

Its been a while since I thought about the color purple.

I will proceed to date myself now.  The last time was in the late 80’s, with a little movie called Purple Rain, starring the artist formerly known as Prince.

But that was a billion or so years ago, and I like to write about what interests you.  Now.  Purple cakes are apparently trending, sayeth the internet oracles.  And what does one find when one visits the party supply store in search of purple cake related articles?  Well, here’s a hint:  There’s a new popstar in town, and he has laid claim to the color purple (Justin Beiber, please stand up).

Mr. Bieber aside, we like purple (frankly, we like a few Bieber songs as well, truth be told . . . ).  Purple makes a lovely cake, whether your party is Beiberific or not.  But feel free to experiment with your own variegated hues.  (Pink – adorable!  Same with orange or blue.)  It’s illusory, but you must admit that a colorful cake seems to taste better.

Betty Crocker super moist vanilla cake batter

To make your own variegated cake, prepare two Better Crocker Super Moist cake mixes as directed. Pour the batter into three bowls (about 2 ¾ cups of batter each).

purple cake varigated color cake batter

Mix in the food coloring (I used 30 drops of purple food coloring for the dark purple, 15 drops for the medium, and 6 drops for the light). Bake the layers and allow to cool.

purple cake first layer

Place the dark purple layer onto your serving platter, top side up.  Using aluminum foil, tear off some strips and put them under the edges to catch crumbs.

cut first dark purple layer of purple cake

Slice off the top of the dark purple layer to make a flat surface. Carefully frost the top.

first to cake layers and frosting

Slice off the top of the medium purple layer, invert and place on top of the dark purple layer bottom up (makes for less crumbs).  Frost.  Slice  the  top off the light purple layer, invert and place on top of the medium purple layer, bottom up.  Frost top and sides of the cake.  Remove the foil strips and frost down to the bottom of the serving platter (I use a table knife for this piece – smaller and easier to maneuver).

frosted purple cake

Refrigerate until about an hour before serving.  Then, slice and serve!

purple cake finished

Hope you enjoy!



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