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BS in the Kitchen

BS in the Kitchen

Saskatoon, SK, Canada | Member since 2013

Bob from BS' in the Kitchen here! Eater of delicious noms, creator of tasty videos, and resident Tablespoon hand model. Yes, not only am I the man behind the camera, but I am also the proud owner of those beautiful hands you see sprinkling cakes, peeling hardboiled eggs, cutting mangoes and more! Okay... maybe they're not the most beautiful hands ever, but they get the job done!

A jack-of-all trades, you will find me cooking food, taking pictures, writing blog posts, making videos, and even creating all of the music you hear in the videos! When I'm not doing that, I'm usually... well... I'm usually doing one of those things.

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Vegemite it did not make my tastebuds very happy! Sorry to all the fans from Down Under!