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Party Pinching

Party Pinching

Member since 2014

Hi, I’m Norene Cox and I’m an author, blogger and photographer.  When my sons became teenagers I realized how much I missed being a room mom.  Making sweet treats with the kids and throwing classroom parties were all a thing of the past.  As a result, I created Party Pinching, a popular website where I could blog about my cute food and budget friendly party ideas.  I have also written a book, “Sweet Treats for the Holidays” available on Amazon.

Born and raised in Seattle, I love escaping the rain several times a year and travel to my favorite city, Las Vegas, so I can eat my weight in desserts.

I love my family, cupcakes, writing, photography, beagles and all things chocolate.

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Coffee (Yes, I live in Seattle and I hate coffee.) I guess seafood, although I actually do love it, I have developed a deadly allergy to it, so seafood is a whole lot of nope for me.