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Letter from the Editor | Frozen February

Updated February 1, 2020
latte cup with heart made of cocoa
How to beat cabin fever and fall in love with everything all over again—a February letter from the editor.

Winter Won’t Last Forever

Lately my mantra has been, “winter won’t last forever.” I’ve been muttering it under my breath as I scrape ice from my car every morning, as I walk across months-old snow that’s now been compacted into a gray, nasty, slippery surface, and as I try and fix my hat-hair in the office bathroom every day. Yes, winter won’t last forever, but for now, it’s still hanging around. Grumble, grumble.

What are your methods for chasing away the long winter blues? I’ve been trying to hone in on activities that’ll keep me from going stir-crazy this month. Spring is just around the corner (I can smell it, I swear!), but until then, here are some ideas for chasing away the cabin fever:

  • Learn to use a new ingredient in the kitchen (like gochujang, miso paste or kimchi)
  • Make a citrus dessert to trick your taste buds into thinking spring is actually here
  • Try cooking with kale—it’s about the only fresh green you can get right now, and it’s a nice way to get veggies in your diet
  • Learn a new skill—I know, I know, that one is obvious, but what better time will there be to finally learn how to crochet than now?
  • Make some freeze-ahead breakfasts for your week ahead—Morning You will appreciate it
  • Keep drinking water—that’s an all-year thing, but I always feel happier when I’m well-hydrated, and you should too!

It’s Romance Month!

Galentines Day Brunch Table

Whether you’re single, taken or somewhere in between, February is the month for showing a little love. In addition to Valentine’s Day, platonic friends are getting in on the sharing of affection. It’s been a decade since the Galentine’s Day episode of Parks and Rec aired, and Galentine’s Day celebrations are at an all-time high. We’re all about celebrating the little things, from friendships to at-home date nights, and there are plenty of ways to say “I love you” through food. Want to join in on the love? We have some pretty cute pieces of content coming up this month:

Stay warm, everyone. Spring will eventually, well, spring up.