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10 Authentic(ish) Mexican Desserts

Churro dump cake, caramel flan and apple enchiladas are just some of the ways to add a touch of Mexican flair to dessert. And while these delectable desserts may not be totally traditional, they are totally delicious, so the next time you need a fabulous treat, give these or any of our other dessert recipes a try. MORE+ LESS-
Whether it’s apple-filled enchiladas or re-imagined churros in the form of a cake, Mexican-inspired desserts are a delicious treat everyone can love. And while these desserts aren’t totally authentic, they do highlight amazing Mexican-style flavors. If you prefer something slightly more traditional, try a classic creamy flan topped with golden caramel sauce. Or, if you love to experiment, you can create new ways to feature Mexican-inspired flavors through the addition of key ingredients. Try using cinnamon and sugar to coat pastry or mix into cake to add a churro-style twist. Pour a drizzle of Cajeta onto cakes and ice cream for added extra sweetness and decadence. And tortilla shells are not only great for dinner, they’re a fantastic base for desserts as well, especially when slathered with butter, sugar, caramel or other delicious fillings. So when you’re craving something sweet, look no further than these amazing Mexican-inspired desserts!