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12 Classic Desserts for Adulting So Hard

Created July 5, 2017
Whether you’re adulting for real, or just want to fake it 'til you make it, these are the desserts that let everyone know you’ve got your act together.

Adulting (verb, noun): The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult; engaging in activities associated with adulthood.  

Certain things in life just make you FEEL like a bonafide adult:

  • Actually having a stamp when you need one 
  • Scheduling your next haircut while you’re at the salon 
  • Saying “I DO need a receipt for that, thank you” 
  • Bringing a grown-up, photogenic dessert—that you MADE YOURSELF—to that office party/friend’s baby shower/family holiday  

We’re just a website, so we can’t really help with the stamp thing. But when it comes to the finding the perfect recipe, we are HERE for you.

There’s always room for more dessert—and we’ve got just the recipes.