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Skip the Leftover Sandwich and Make Turkey Tacos Instead

Updated November 1, 2019
turkey tacos
It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you have way too much leftover bird on your hands. Skip the usual sandwich and turn that turkey into an easy taco dinner your whole family can get in on.

Tips for Turkey Tacos

ingredients for turkey tacos

1.   Don’t be topping-shy: A cooked bird will inevitably dry out over the time it sits in your fridge, making it less appetizing. A great way to bring moisture back to the meat is with melty, gooey cheese. Don’t be afraid to use lots of wet ingredients in your turkey tacos, including sour cream, salsa, pico de gallo and fresh tomatoes.

2.   Don’t overcook the turkey: When re-heating leftover turkey, don’t go overboard. Remember, it’s already been cooked for a long, long time. Heat the meat up briefly so it doesn’t get overly dry and tough. Never heat up all of your leftovers at once, either. Parcel out what you know you’ll need for your tacos, and put the rest back in the refrigerator, tightly covered.

shredding turkey with a fork

3.   Use a two-fork shred method: When it comes to the meat, the easiest preparation for turkey tacos is to shred it. Grab two forks and a cutting board and set a large piece of meat on the board. Stick the forks into the meat, then pull them apart from each other. Shredded meat will also absorb more liquid if you’re cooking it in any additional sauces.

4.  Spice is your friend: If you’re over the taste of turkey, don’t be afraid to crank up the heat. A little fiery salsa or hot sauce in your taco will quickly alter the taste. Additionally, try cooking the shredded turkey with different marinades to both change the flavor and bring back moisture.