10 April Fool's Fake-Out Foods

By Burn The Wine
Created March 1, 2017
10 April Fool's Fake-Out Foods
These April Fool's foods are a fun way to prank! MORE+ LESS-

More fun than typical April Fool's pranks, these foods are delicious – but they're not what you think!

Need a fun idea for April Fool's Day? These fabulous fakes will leave you chuckling and feeling clever.

The year’s most humorous holiday is almost upon us. Are you a devilishly daring sort of prankster, or is whimsy more your style?

Whether you’re the sort to cover a co-worker’s office in Post-It notes or the type of fiend who’ll tape the sink sprayer in the on position, you can make amends for any sneaky tricks with these foods that also aren’t exactly what they seem.


1. Mini-Burger Cookies

LOOK AT THEM!  THEY ARE SO CUTE! And they're freakin’ COOKIES! Really, there’s nothing else that needs to be said. Make them; invite me over.


2. Kitty Litter Cake

Okay, if you seriously want to freak someone out – don’t let them know it’s a cake right away. Just stare them dead in the eye as you take a bite. One of the best fake-out foods ... EVER.


3. Ice Cream Cone Cake

Not only does this sweet treat surprise, but its magical formation means you won’t have to do dishes later! (Plus, no melting ice cream on your hand!)


4. Scrabble Cookies

So fun! Roll out some Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and fashion cute little Scrabble tiles for a tricky, tasty game. And – fun! – you can customize any message you want.


5. Corn on the Cob Cake Pops

These are so cute and clever you might be asked to join MENSA if you make them. 


6. April Fool’s Grilled Cheese Lunch

Make an awesome faux-grilled cheese sandwich with some thinly sliced pound cake and some “cheesy” colored frosting. 


7. Juicy Lucy Burger Cupcakes

Super-cute FUN-da-Middles cupcakes add whimsy to your April Fool's Day. Put one on a dinner plate and watch the reaction! 


8. April Fools Spaghetti and Meatball Cake

Totally fun, totally silly!  A simple cake mix, ingeniously applied frosting and candy meatballs really sell the illusion of an imminent carbo-load. 


9. Mini Cheerio Donuts

Well, you might not fool anybody with these mini versions, but you you will charm them! Serve this on a big plate for breakfast ... "Honey, I shrunk the donuts!"


10. Mini-Corn on the Cob Bites

Okay, I almost cannot handle how ridiculously cute these little foods are.  All you need: KIX cereal, fruit roll-ups, butter and marshmallows – it doesn’t get much easier!