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10 Easy Cake Recipes

Slice of Cake on a Plate

Cake recipes for simple desserts. Find an easy cake recipe for your next party or potluck.

Chocolate Turtle Cake

No wonder this is a bake sale winner! Devil’s food cake sandwiches caramel, pecans and, yes, more chocolate in the middle. Yum.

Lemon Drop Cake

Add a special touch and fresh citrus zing to a cake mix treat. Fork-poking and pouring sweetened lemon juice over a baked Betty Crocker® cake is the delicious secret.

Raspberry Poke Cake

Poke around your cupboard and freezer and you'll probably find everything you need to make a classic "poke" cake. Some things just get easier.

Key Lime Coconut Angel Cake

Who can resist this heavenly dessert when it's so easy to make?

Honey Bun Cake

Honey, this cake was made for you! A rich layer of brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans bakes in a golden yellow cake.

Banana Split Cake

Love banana bread? Try banana cake! Chocolate chips and chocolate frosting make it extra special.

Warm Caramel Apple Cake

Serve this yummy apple upside-down cake warm from the oven. It's all made easier with Betty Crocker® cake and frosting.

Premium Tres Leches Cake

Three forms of leche, or "milk," are poured over a baked cake to create its signature indulgence. Cake mix and ready-to-spread frosting make it easy.

Easy Pineapple Upside Down Cake

An old-fashioned fave is made easier with a super simple cake mix! This cake hides its quick prep -- you'd swear it's made completely from scratch.

Berry Cream Torte

Fresh berries are the delicious topper for luscious layers of cake and a filling of fluffy whipped topping and frosting.