10 Peachy Ways to Celebrate National Peach Ice Cream Day

By TBSP Angela
Created March 2, 2017
What better way to get down on National Peach Ice Cream Day on July 17th than to make an impressive spread of dishes and cocktails with this theme ingredient? MORE+ LESS-

What better way to get down on National Peach Ice Cream Day than to make an impressive spread of dishes and cocktails with this theme ingredient?

In case you kids didn't know, July 17 is National Peach Ice Cream Day. That's right, there's an entire day dedicated to this frozen goodness, and why not? It's got everything you'd ever look for in a summer dessert. Its rich, creaminess is perked up with bright, juicy peaches, then whipped together and frozen into a delightful, pale orange, cloud-like delicacy.

We've got lots of suggestions for those of you who want to celebrate National Peach Ice Cream Day right.

1. DIY Peach Ice Cream

If all you see at the store is peach ice cream made with artificial flavors and colors, you might as well just make it yourself. Come on, y'all, it's not that hard. Just follow this recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream and add two or three poached, chopped peaches. Here's a tip to make your end product super smooth: Add a tablespoon or two of peach schnapps or amaretto to your mixture before freezing. Not only will this add some flavor, but the alcohol will also keep ice crystals from forming and ruining the texture of your homemade ice cream. You can also put some pop in your peaches with this super easy Peachy Pops recipe.

2. Ice Cream Cake

If you've never made an ice cream cake before, you might want to make July 17 your day to tackle this awe-inspiring dessert. It's really as simple as cutting a pound cake into sheets, lining a baking pan with the cake, filling the shell with ice cream and popping it in the freezer. This recipe for Peaches and Blueberry Ice Cream Cake outlines the process nicely, and you can really use any type of berry you want – or even skip 'em and go all peach, baby.

3. Grilled Peaches and Cream

What better accompaniment is there for peach ice cream than fresh peaches? Grilled peaches, that's what. Cut your peaches in half and coat the cut side with melted butter and brown sugar. Next, place them pit side down on a clean grill until you get some marks – this should only take a few minutes. Top your warm fruit with peach ice cream and watch it melt sumptuously, combining with the caramelized bits of peach and forming a soupy, fruity mess. Now go wipe the drool from your face.

4. Sundae

Ah, yes, the sundae. It's a summertime classic that wins big points for its seemingly endless ice cream and topping combinations. If you want to bring out the fruitiness in your peach ice cream, top your frozen goodness with raspberry sauce or apricot preserves, chopped fruit and whipped cream. You might also be surprised how awesome peach ice cream is when it's all covered in warm caramel, slivered almonds and amaretto-infused whipped cream. Go wild – you could even set up a sundae bar if you want to make an event out of it.

5. Peach Pink Squirrel

Everyone loves a boozy dessert, and the Pink Squirrel Cocktail is an old school cocktail that pleases everyone's palate. Try this recipe and replace vanilla ice cream with your fave peach variety for a twist.

6. Trifle

This Strawberry and Peach Cream Trifle recipe is pretty awesome as it is, but you can make it even better by replacing the pudding layer with peach ice cream. Just be sure you have the room to store this extravagant dessert in the freezer.

7. Cobbler

If you're lucky enough to have some fresh peaches on hand, think about making a crispy, warm Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler and topping it off with your homemade peach ice cream and some toasted, chopped almonds.

8. Peach Shortcake

Want a peachy spin on the classic strawberry shortcake? Make this Georgia Peach Shortcake recipe, but instead of light whipped topping, plop a big ol' scoop of peach ice cream on top of your fruit and cake.

9. Peach Melba

This Peach Melba Crunch is a twist on the classic Peach Melba, which is a simple combination of lovely poached peaches with raspberry sauce. Make this tasty spin extra decadent by adding a scoop (or two!) of your peachy ice cream.

10. Crepes

If you think it's cray-cray to fill crepes with ice cream, wait till you try it. Just make a few classic crepes – as instructed right here – and fill them with your peach ice cream and cubed fruit for a totes yummy spin on the French street food. (Note: This version will probably not be portable like a regular crepe.)

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