10 Valentine's Day Cocktails

By NY Barfly
Created March 2, 2017
Ten cocktails for celebrating Valentine's Day. MORE+ LESS-

On Valentine's Day, the first thing you better do is raise your glass and toast to your loved one.

Second, make sure that you have something tasty in that glass. February 14 is a great time to mix up a special cocktail that tells a story about your relationship. Are you toasting a recent engagement with something champagne based? Or maybe you want to use some candy hearts as a garnish to remind you of the valentines you first exchanged as high-school sweethearts. The list below contains 10 suggestions - not as many arrows as there are in cupid's quiver, but surely you'll find one that will hit the mark. 


1. Chocolate Indulgence Martini

Yes, you can have your dessert and drink it too. The chocolate indulgence martini makes a great capper to the night, especially for your special someone with a sweet tooth. There's chocolate syrup, chocolate milk and creme de cacao. Not enough? Well how about some chocolate wafers? Spike that with a bit of Vanilla vodka and it's a drinker's version of a box of chocolates, without the coconut one that no one likes. 

2. Juliet and Romeo Cocktail 

Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art the rosewater in my drink? This mix of gin, lime and cucumber is spiked with a hint of flower petals to remind your honey of the first roses you've exchanged. Serve this on Valentine's day and your story will have a much happier ending.


3. Cupid's Kiss

This mix of Kahlua and soda is a mere peck on the cheek. It's sweet enough to get you interested but won't prove overwhelming. And there's a cherry on top - even V-day haters can't argue with that.


4. Wedding Cake Martini

Whether you're looking to celebrate a new engagement or tying to send a not so subtle hint hint, this mix of amaretto and vanilla vodka will be the perfect toast to your nuptials, impending or soon to be on the calendar.  


5. Flirtini

Maybe you're just starting to get to know each other, which would make a wedding cake themed drink way too intense. If it's a new relationship opt for the Flirtini - a easy and fun drink that goes down easy. It's a mix of vodka, Cointreau, pineapple juice and Champagne, a combo that's ideal for getting your flirt on. It's also a good drink to start with before you move onto the more serious stuff (ahem, wedding cake!).


6. Red Velvet Cocoa

If there's a chill in the air outside, adapt this holiday drink to warm you up as you cuddle on the couch. The recipe here ( is non-alcoholic, but if you add 1.5 ounces of spiced rum the heat of the libation isn't the only thing that will warm you up.


7. Berry Bellini

If you can't celebrate on February 14 proper (which is on a Thursday this year, mark your calendars!) and need to schedule a Valentine's day brunch, we have two words to make up for the reschedule: berry bellini. This spritely cocktail is a lovely shade of red and pairs great with breakfast foods of all varieties, but we think it tastes best with breakfast in bed.


8. Beer Breakfast in Bed

Or, let's say you wan to surprise a different sort of drinker with a breakfast cocktail in bed. If your fellow is a beer drinker, mix up a classic michelada with those AM heart-shaped pancakes. You've got the red theme down, and there's a little bit of spice in the mix to help cupid's arrow hit the mark.


9. Hibiscus Royal Champagne Cocktail 

This bubbly treat has two things going for it. It's champagne based, so it's ideal for a toast on this special occasion, and the hibiscus give it a nice pink hue that will match your v-day decorations.


10. Manhattan

Finally, there needs to be a cocktail for V-day haters. If you're sitting alone at the bar and want to drown your sorrows, there's nothing like a classic Manhattan to wash that bitter taste out of your mouth. Knock one of these whiskey spiked drinks back, and know you'll have better luck next year.



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