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10 Ways to Cook with Mushrooms

From masses of slender oyster mushrooms to portabellas, the crinkled caps of morels and smooth button mushrooms, there is variety and flavor for everyone.

Here are 10 great ways to make mushrooms, with fresh and different recipes for each method. Prepare to enjoy yourself!

I love mushroom soup. I love stuffed mushrooms. I love mushroom risotto. I love Stroganoff. You're getting the idea.

From masses of slender oyster mushrooms to portabellas, the crinkled caps of morels and smooth button mushrooms, there is variety and flavor for everyone. With nine and ninety ways to prepare them, and zillions of recipes for every imaginable dish, let's explore 10 different ways to cook mushrooms with recipes that may surprise you.

1. Soup

Soup is a dish for most seasons, and almost everyone has tried the traditional cream of mushroom soup. There are some great ways to pep up cream of mushroom, and for a surprising taste treat try Rosemary – Mushroom Chicken soup.

2. Pickling

Pickling is an old style way of preserving food – and adds its own unique flavor. You can pickle garlic or onions, the traditional cucumber, of course, or mushrooms. This pickled mushroom appetizer should be made the night before or early in the day you want to serve it, so the flavors have a chance to infuse.

3. Grilled

Grilled food is a summer fav, but if you’re feeling a need for that grilled flavor, you can even bundle up and grill while there is snow on the ground. This grilled mushrooms and tomatoes treat takes a short time to throw together, and about the same amount of time to grill – not counting getting the grill up to temperature.

4. Risotto

Risotto is an Italian dish that is adopted with enthusiasm by cooks around the world. Risotto turns rice into a tender savory dish with a surprising variety of choices that complement the rice. Surpassing an ordinary risotto with just a single variety of mushroom, this Three Mushroom Risotto proves again that three’s the charm. You make it with fresh and dried mushrooms for taste and texture.

5. Pastry

Pastry and mushrooms make a great appetizer, and there are multitudes of recipes. Add bacon. Mmm – ‘shrooms and bacon. These Mushroom and Bacon Mini Pocket Pies will whet the appetite of even the pickiest guest, and while they do take some time to prepare, the results are worth it.

6. Stuffed

Stuffed mushrooms are an ever-fresh appetizer. You can stuff them with almost anything, and almost any kind of mushroom can be stuffed. The pick for getting stuffed this time is a quick recipe for Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms.

7. Stuffing

Stuffing and turkey is as familiar a pairing as bacon and mushrooms – but can complement many other foods besides turkey. Try Mixed Mushroom-Leek stuffing alongside a variety of main dishes. Most of the time making this dish comes from its slow baking in the oven. Use a number of different mushrooms in making this dish, or a combination of several.

8. Steak

Steak and mushrooms is a familiar friend, whether you broil the steak or grill it. Grilled T-bones with garlic and beef mushroom sauce give you a superb taste treat. Prepare the sauce first and keep it warm while you grill T-bones to your desired degree of doneness.

9. Pizza

Pizza with mushrooms is a pizzeria standard, but this recipe for Crescent Mushroom Brunch Pizza doesn’t require you to make a crust, buy pizza dough or even a pizza shell. Make this brunch treat with refrigerated rolls and other ingredients you find in the cupboard.

10. Stroganoff

Stroganoff is about as traditional a mushroom dish as I can imagine. This Stroganoff-Style Mushrooms recipe concentrates on the most important ingredient – the mushroom. This recipe uses 2 pounds of baby buttons and puts them in the slow cooker for 2-3 hours, until the flavor of sherry permeates the ‘shrooms and they are tender. Swap out the beef flavoring for vegetable bullion, to give an awesome vegetarian stroganoff.

There are loads of recipes to prepare mushrooms, and I hope this quickie look gives you some ideas for exploring taste combinations in new territories.

Leave a comment with your favorite mushroom treat to share!