11 Hangover Foods for When You've Decked the Halls a Little Too Hard

By Pie Squared
Created February 22, 2017
Breakfast hangover solutions for when you’ve partied just a little too hard. MORE+ LESS-

There are a couple of schools of thought when it comes to handling the day after a rough night. There are those who go the coconut water/detox route. And then there are those who believe in burying your pain under savory, deliciousness, if nothing else to distract you from the drum practice between your ears. No judging either way, but we lean towards the latter. Eat up, everyone. There’s another weekend ahead.

1. Eggs Benedict Breakfast Sandwiches

Feed your suffering synapses a decent meal, wouldja? This easy-to-make sandwich comforts your tummy as it refuels you to manage that day ahead.

2. Bacon-Peanut Butter Biscuits with Chocolate Gravy

Because this is the time: so much pain, you think nothing on earth will ever make you smile again. Au contraire, mon frère. Bacon + peanut butter + chocolategravyforreals = live to love another day.

3. Easy Chicken and Biscuit Sandwiches with Sausage Gravy

A diner classic: Gravy over anything. Whip this up and don’t go light on the gravy—that’s the rib-sticking stuff that does the magic.

4. Banana, Bacon and Bourbon Cinnabon® Bake

A simple way to take cinnamon rolls to the next level. Mix up a glaze that bakes into gooey perfection, and yes, the whole pan should be for just you.

5. Sausage and Egg Strudel Sandwiches

Whatwhat? You saw that right. Cinnamon-sugar stuffed toaster pastries serve as the bread on this ultimate breakfast sandwich (and no, you don’t have to stop at just one layer).

6. Ham and Cheese-Stuffed French Toast

There’s something about breakfast food mashups that counteracts bad decisions from the night before, and this one’s a perfect example: ham-and-cheese sandwiches made with French toast. Then you put an egg on it. Because of course.

7. Mini French Toast Pancakes

Mouthfeel: it’s something you probably don’t consider in your list of attributes in Best Post-Hangover Meals. But the tiny crunch of mixed-in cereal make these pancakes better than an ice pack and foot rub. We promise.

8. Chocolate-Stuffed Pancakes

Warm and gooey is the right Rx for the a.m. after a p.m. that went terribly, terribly wrong. These pancakes serve it up perfectly: savory griddle treats with melted hazelnut spread in the middle. Things are looking up, right?

9. Doughnut Pancakes

Instant mood elevators, and not just because you can stack ’em as high as you like (a dozen seems appropriate)—and don’t forget the sprinkles!

10. Cheese and Bacon-Filled Waffles

Your waffle maker is about to get a promotion to combination therapist/emotional coach/surrogate mom. ’Cuz it’s the tool that’s gonna make these melty, filled-to-the-max waffles and make everything all better.

11. Impossibly Easy Bacon, Egg and Tot Bake

Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. No, wait, crunchy crust is. Hang on, what about bacon? Oh, we give up. Here’s all three.