11 Layered Cocktails to Make You Look like a Pro Bartender

Created February 22, 2017
Extra layers of deliciousness are always better than just one, and these fun shots and cocktails prove it.

1. Neapolitan Jello Shots
These Neapolitan Jello Shots are like sundaes for grown-ups and we’d totally chase the ice cream truck down for them. Layers of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry infused with cake vodka get topped with whipped cream and sprinkles for a sweet boozy treat that thrills.


2. Black Velvet Beer Cocktail
Light and bubbly champagne meets rich and smooth stout to fufill all of your beer cocktail needs. It’s like drinking pure sophistication in a glass.


3. Green Ombre Jello Shots
When you make ombre jello shots with edible glitter on top, you know you’re doing this whole life thing right. Pro tip: sub the green food coloring for whatever shade you choose and transform the ombre from St. Patrick’s Day party to everyday party.


4. Turtle Thumbprint Cocktail
Not many things in this world are worth skipping dessert for, but this cocktail is one of them. And really, it’s basically like drinking your dessert: chocolate syrup, Irish cream, crème de cacao liqueur AND coconut liqueur get carefully poured into this glass. Sometimes it pays to be an adult


5. Holly Jolly Jello Shots
Nothing says “Merry Christmas!” like layered jello shots. These ones are particularly festive, and also extremely effective in getting you through one of the most stressful times of the year. We won’t tell.


6. Black and Blue Infused Vodka Cocktail
Berries and infused vodka come together in this black-and-blue cocktail that’s half fruit, half booze. Sip it all summer long, we won’t judge. In fact, we’ve heard it tastes better on a boat.


7. Double Rainbow Cake Jello Shots
Skip the birthday cake and head straight for these Double Rainbow Cake Jello Shots. We say that you can garnish with frosting and sprinkles if desired, but it’s obviously going to be desired. Just look at how incredible these are.


8. Banana-Orange Sunrise
We’d constantly wake up for a sunrise if it was anything like this one. A slushy banana-honey-orange layer gets topped with cranberry juice for a refreshing drink that hits all three of our drink requirements: fun, flirty and fruity.


9. Rainbow Sherbet Jello Shots
These colorful sherbet jello shots are the perfect drink for the summertime. Layers of lime, orange and raspberry make these bright booze bombs almost too pretty to consume. We said almost. Dive in.


10. Blood-Red Sangria Cocktail
We imagine the Addams family sips this sangria cocktail on the reg, so it’s perfect for any Halloween shindig. The sangria martini cocktail gets a drop of simple syrup made from red wine and dark cherries for a creepy look that you’ll still want to drink.


11. Piña Colada Jello Shots
If you like piña coladas and dancing in the rain, you’re going to want to make these shots. Really, you don’t have to like the dancing in the rain part, we just couldn’t help ourselves. They taste like summertime and you’ll love them.