12 Awesomely Easy Snacks

By Happy Eats
Created February 23, 2017
There's breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then there's our favorite eats of the day: Snacks! MORE+ LESS-

From tide-you-over tidbits to goodies you can share, snacks are like the happy little extra in your day.

Whether you’re craving something ready-made or something you can just toss together, here are some super simple morsels and munchies to get you to snack time -- fast.

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1. PB&J Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you thought PB&J was old school, think again. This favorite sammy just got ultra cool. Make sure to share – you’ll be the most popular kid on the block (or at the office) for sure.


2. Red, White and Blue Chex Mix

When do we celebrate America? Every day! So it's no surprise that even Chex Mix gets a little patriotic now and then. A little red, white and blue, and you’ve got the mixings for some sensational snack fixings.


3. Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares

Oatmeal is good for you, for sure. But balancing a hot bowl of it isn't good for on-the-go noshing. Never fear! Toss a few of these Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares in your pocket or bag and suddenly breakfast is ready all day long.


4. Fiber One 90-Calorie Lemon Bars

Eating fiber all by itself may be good for you, but it’s not likely the snack that makes your mouth water. Ah, but that’s where luscious lemon comes in. Try these with lemon sherbet for one zinger of a treat!


5. Hungry Caterpillar Snacks

Nothing goes with story-time like snack-time. Just ask the hungry caterpillar. This creative treat is as much fun to make as it is to eat.


6. Fluffer Nutter Bites

Inside each of these peanut-buttery bites is a soft little marshmallow heart, full of sweet goodness just for you. Don’t believe it? Try one for yourself and see if it doesn’t just melt your own heart.


7. Snowy Ants on a Log

Gather the kiddos and let ‘em make these riffs on the old “bugs on a log” treats. But ours are made even better with granola bars, yogurt and yogurt-covered raisins!


8. Ocean Spray Strawberry Island Splash Fruit Snacks

So we’re thinking Strawberry Island is a wonderful place where it’s break time all day long, and these chewy, tasty fruit snacks, made of fruit juice and natural colors, practically grow on trees. (So who said fruit snacks were just for kids?!)


9. Trail Mix on Sticks

Trail mix, you’ve come a long way, baby! You’re showing us your fun side in these trail pops, ready for snacking both indoors and out.  Bring ‘em along for the whole team!


10. Cheerios Frozen Banana Pops

Look ... it’s a banana! It’s yogurt! It's Cheerios! No -- it’s actually a super snack. And it’s coming your way to convert snack boredom into something pretty special.


11. Yoplait Simply Gogurt

Nothing says summertime snacking like some cool, creamy and refreshing fro-yo. Enter Simply Go-Gurt! Just pop these in the freezer then pack ‘em in the cooler, and you’re ready for instant chill time at the ball game, beach, or anywhere summer takes you.


12. Fiber One 80 Calorie Chocolate Cereal

Cereal isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Try this awesome new cereal in a salted-caramel chocolate-crunch ice cream parfait. Yep, I really just said that. Just add the chocolate cereal between ice cream layers, then top with more chocolate cereal and caramel sauce. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on top and, uh, yah ... yummmm!