12 Desserts You Didn't Know You Can Grill

By TBSP Jake
Created February 23, 2017
12 Desserts You Didn't Know You Can Grill
The grill isn't just for burgers and brats, so keep the coals hot for these desserts you didn't know you could grill. MORE+ LESS-

After you’ve flipped the burgers, keep the coals hot for something sweet with these totally grillable desserts! 

Grilling is one of summer’s most precious gifts. Take full advantage.

When Mother Nature gives you perfect warm evenings and many long hours of sunlight, what do you do? Grill up burgers and brats and call it good?

No way! You keep the flame alive until the last sweet bites. In other words, you top off your cookout with a gorgeous grilled dessert. These ooey, gooey creations take any barbecue up a few notches, from cobblers to S’mores to mini pies.

1. Grilled Summer Cobbler


If you’re not sure what to try, look no further than this awesome cobbler. It has ripe nectarines and blueberries in a simple Bisquick crust, dusted with cinnamon. Grill it and they will come.

2. Grilled Georgia Peaches and Ice Cream

For a grilling party that needs an over-the-top finisher, keep the coals warm for fresh and juicy grilled peaches melting in a sweet dish of ice cream. A little cold and a little hot. Just right.

3. Grilled Angel Food Cake

Here’s a fresh take on a classic: Cake done kebab-style. Skewer cake cubes, strawberries and peach slices, grill, then drizzle with cool yogurt for a flavor bonanza.

4. Easy Grilled Strawberry Pie

What’s more American then a piece of fruit pie after dinner? Fruit pie made on your grill, that’s what. Strawberry is the perfect mid-summer pick, and it's way easy to make.

5. Grilled Chocolate Chip S’More Pizza

It’s a pizza! It’s a s’more! It’s a cookie! This easy dessert comes together with little more than chocolate chip cookie dough and s’more fixings. Everyone will want a slice.

6. Grilled Apple Cinnamon a la Mode Tacos

Here’s a sweet finisher for your next spicy Mexican meal: Luscious grilled apples and ice cream drizzled with caramel on a cinnamon dusted shell. You’ll want to do grilled Tacos a la Mode every night – and that’s okay.

7. Tropical Turtle Brownies with Grilled Fruit

This is not brownies as usual. Transform the classic into a fun, tropical treat with grilled pineapple, banana and mango. A turtle-style caramel topping puts it over the top. Ready in just 40 minutes.

8. Grilled Pears with Raspberry Sauce

If you love pears (and who doesn’t) give this fave flavor some flame-kissed love on the grill. Includes a mouthwatering sauce of raspberries, syrup and lemon juice on top. Pear-fecto!

9. Grilled Grape Port Galette 

What’s a galette you ask? A little pie with big flavor. Red grapes and a touch of port wine are at the heart of this irresistible treat – a sweet surprise wrapped in a light, flaky crust.

10. Grilled Snickerdoodle Hand Pies

This is happening: Everybody’s favorite cookie in a melty, grilled form. Snickerdoodles have never tasted so good or been so easy to make.

11. Grilled Pineapple with Ginger Cream

After you’ve tried peaches, apples, and bananas, you’ll want to do pineapple. This tropical fruit positively bursts with flavor when grilled. Add a little ginger cream for a zippy finish.

12. Blueberry Granola Crumble Pack

Dessert is just a foil pack away! Mix fresh berries and crunchy granola together in some foil, seal it up, toss it on the grill and voila! A tasty crumble! Add in a scoop of ice cream to finish it off.


Now you’re ready to give any epic summer meal a wow-worthy conclusion. Here's wishing you many weeks of thrills on the grill!