12 Marvelous Mini Munchies

Created January 26, 2017
Big flavor out of little bites. MORE+ LESS-

Sweet, savory or otherwise – these one-bite morsels taste much bigger than they look.

Whether you're looking to serve up a meal of small plates or just want to feature an amuse bouche (that's a fancy word for appetizer) before a feast, we've got what you need to make the tiniest bites with the biggest flavor.


1. Impossibly Easy Mini Pumpkin Pies

People have a tendency to get fatigued of pumpkin pie during the holidays, that is until they see it in a new form – like this super simple, bite-sized version.

2. Fried Chicken 'n Waffle Sandwich Bites

Crispy chicken atop syrup-soaked waffles may be the ultimate in comfort food. This bite-sized, bacon-enhanced version of the dish gives you all the flavors you love, but in a portion that won't put you in a food coma.


3. Chorizo Nuggets with Chimichurri Dipping Sauce

We've never beenknown to turn down a corn dog, but even we have to admit that this Latin-inspired version is a total upgrade. Fried nuggets of smoky chorizo dipped in fresh, creamy sauce? We're in.


4. Mini Mimosa Pancake Stack

The only thing better than an a.m. cocktail is dessert in the morning. This mini dish combines both, with orange juice-infused pancakes, marmalade and a champagne mascarpone cream to fulfill all of your brunch fantasies.


5. Mini Rainbow Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies may be eclipsing cupcakes as the go-to trendy dessert for parties, especially when they're small enough to pop in your mouth and are featured in every color of the rainbow. Bonus: This is a fuss-free, foolproof recipe.


6. Mini Taco Pies

A plate of these little Mexican pies and a side of rice and beans is all you need for a dinnertime fiesta – oh, and maybe a margarita or two.


7. Impossibly Easy Mini Cheeseburger Pies

Everyone gets sick of the ol' burger standby, so instead make these teensy pies with all the flavor you love, but in one-bite portions.


8. Mini Nutella Shakes

Using a simple and classic shake recipe and half of a cup of Nutella, the Mini Nutella Shake was born—and boy is it good!


9. Mini Burger Cookies

Cute doesn't even begin to describe these little morsels. Vanilla wafer buns sandwich a chocolate-covered cracker patty, icing condiments and coconut lettuce for a bite-sized treat that will make anyone smile.


10. Impossibly Easy Mini Buffalo Pies

Spicy wings are great, but they're also messy and require a deep fryer (if you want to do it right). On the other hand, these pies have all the flavor of a buffalo wing sans bones and skin.


11. Mini Cinnamon Roll Fondue

Everything is better on a stick, right? And with our Mini Cinnamon Roll Fondue, double dipping isn’t just okay, it’s encouraged!


12. Mini Corn-on-the-Cob Bites

Turn a box of Kix cereal and Fruit-Roll Ups into these ridiculously easy and totally adorable one-bite corn-on-the-cob treats.

 Bonus Snack: Mini Taco Cupcakes

There were so many mini morsels to love, that we couldn't help ourselves in adding one more. These Mini Taco Cupcakes gives us a case of the "good food feels."